Lake Wilcox Park – Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada (Winter Edition) [ONTARIO TRAVEL SERIES]


Hello everyone! Welcome to this special “Ontario Travel Series” BLOG!

Back in July 2020, visiting Lake Wilcox Park was actually my 1st blog post segment as part of my “Ontario Travel Series”. And during these past few months, I had visited so many destinations in Ontario. It is a successful project that I did visiting different places while doing my part to maintain physical distancing and still able to exercise and enjoy life.

I have decided to visit Lake Wilcox Park once again, this time, it’s during winter, I was curious to see what it’s like visiting Lake Wilcox Park in winter. It surely have a different vibes and view. There are way less people visiting the park. There are a few who jogs and walk their dogs.

The view of the lake is totally different. Snow everywhere in the park, it’s breathtaking, perfect for taking photos. We also saw some geese hanging around, but my gut feeling is….they will soon fly somewhere warmer in the south.

Chilling fresh air wakes me up and I enjoyed it!

Lake Wilcox Park – Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
Address: 55 Olde Bayview Ave, Richmond Hill, ON L4E 3C8
Phone: (905) 771-8800

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