Late Night Food & Beverage Options on Cruise [CELEBRITY BEYOND TRAVEL SERIES]


What happens…..when you are hungry but it’s past midnight and most of the restaurants and the bars on the cruise are closed for the night? No worries! There is always a solution!

The solution? You call the room service. Just like any other Celebrity cruise ships, Celebrity Beyond offers late night room service food options. You simply dial up the service line and place your order and they will deliver the food and beverages at your stateroom doorstep.

Although I can order every night for late night snack but I didn’t exercise this service often as either I had enough to eat during my normal dining hours or I am just too tired and need to sleep.

Anyhow, there is a small delivery fee. In my case, they charged me a $4.95 USD for the food delivery. Honestly, it’s a reasonable price especially someone has to prepare my food at wee hours plus they have to deliver to me.

MoVernie TIP: Order what you can consume and not over ordering. However, whether you order one food item or order 20 food items, they still charge you $4.95 USD so order a few items and not just one item to get your money’s worth.

In my case, I ordered a can of coke, a chicken noodle soup plus a cheese burger with fries.

As I glanced at the late night food options, Celebrity Beyond offers a reasonably amount of food options and they were delicious. I saw they offer Atlantic Grilled Salmon but I was just craving for a burger and I don’t think I can eat up a whole salmon fillet late night!


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