Lion King The Musicals is Back in November 2024 – A Special Mirvish Announcement – Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Today I was On the MOVE to Princess of Wales Theatre, Toronto, Canada to attend “A Special Mirvish Announcement” by the Mirvish Productions. That catchy subject line from its email invite caught my attention and I wondered what it’s about. Quite honestly, it’s interesting for me to attend something without knowing exactly what it’s about but I like good surprises like this.

The invite said the doors will be opened at 1:00 PM and event begins at 1:30 PM, we arrived just in time as we took a longer route in the underground PATH to avoid getting wet from the rain.

Nevertheless, it was perfect timing as we found 2 seats in the mid-section of the theatre and it didn’t take long before the event began. Honestly, there are no bad seats here at the Princess of Wales Theatre as it’s every level will give you great sound and POV to the stage.

The event began with a group of performers singing the Lion King iconic intro music. What a great way to kickstart the event!

Then, a host named Sebastian came out and greeted the audience. He told us that he was a kid talent who got the role as the young samba in the Lion King first run back in 2000. And David Mirvish came out and welcomed the guest.

So…what’s the Special Mirvish Announcement?

The Mirvish Productions have announced today that they are going to run Lion King in Toronto for the 2nd time and it will be opening next year in November 2024 at Princess of Wales Theatre.

Toronto will become the first city in North America to have a second sit-down production of Disney’s The Lion King. The musicals will begin performances at the Princess of Wales Theatre on
November 2, 2024.

Moreover, they will begin to audition for young talent who will fills many roles for this Lion King productions. That’s the take home message, if you have kids or know any kids who have the passion and talent and not afraid to perform in a large audience, be sure to reach out to Mirvish Productions about their upcoming audition locations, times and dates!

Overall, I thought this special announcement event was very well thought out as it provided us with a bit of everything. We got to hear a speaker from Disney and how she is a Canadian, born in Winnipeg and moved to Toronto, started her first job in the theatrical industry, then built connections, eventually worked for Disney and now becoming one of the 3 Executives who oversees the Lion King theatrical for Disney. That’s a proud moment.

Our Toronto Mayor Olivia Chow came out and shared her thoughts about the powerful meaning of Lion King, the courage, the journey and the luv for musicals.

Some other speakers include a lady who auditioned the host Sebastian as well as other talent for the first go-around Lion King back in 2000. And now she is back again to audition more talent for this 2nd go around of Lion King. She also mentioned that talent from South Africa will be part of this Canadian productions. A councillor showed up and informed the audience that the City of Toronto will allocate more budget in the next 10 years to elevate and showcase more arts & culture around the city to give the artists and talent more opportunities to showcase their talent and work.

I watched the Lion King movie back in the theatre, but I never watched the musicals so I am excited to watch it when it opens in November 2024.

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Based on the card that we received on our way out of the event, it said that tickets will be on sale spring of 2024! So, mark your calendars! Be sure to subscribe to updates via

Last but not least, thank you for the special edition of the Lion King toque that has a gold maple leaf logo symbolizing it’s happening in Canada. That’s a nice touch and keeping us warm! Luv the gift! Thank you!



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