Magic Carpet – Bar + Tendering [CELEBRITY BEYOND TRAVEL SERIES]


Magic Carpet – Celebrity Beyond
All Decks (it can move up & down to different levels of deck)
Serving: Bar serving great list of specialty cocktails with a great view + serving as tendering when the ship is visiting the destination.

Let me tell you why this “Magic Carpet” is so magical? This Magic Carpet serves two main purposes. It acts as a bar serving specialty cocktails with a beautiful view. When the ship is sailing, it’s very refreshing to watch the blue ocean waves after waves.

The 2nd purpose? It’s being used for tendering. When a destination has shallow water and a big cruise ship such as Celebrity Beyond isn’t able to dock close to the harbour, you have to “tender”. Meaning, you have to get on small ships that come close to the cruise and they transport the guests to the shore.

In many old cruise ships, passengers have to exit from a small narrow door and with water waves moving the ship around, people may get dizzy or uncomfortable to get on a small boat when there is such a small exit and platform. Enter Magic Carpet, the long big wide deck will move down to level 2 of the Gangway and provide the passengers a large area space to walk out to get on the small boat. It’s a genius idea! I am super glad someone is creative and thoughtful enough to think of this idea and I am super glad that Celebrity listens to the creator and make the Magic Carpet a reality.

Best yet! During Sea Day or other days when tendering isn’t needed, the Magic Carpet can move up and down at different level each day to give the guests a nice view and enjoying cocktails while sailing.

Dear Celebrity, if you are reading this, please give a raise to the design team who came up with this Magic Carpet idea. Plus, please apply this Magic Carpet to more of your cruise ships! Please! And thank you!


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