McCafe Grand Opening at First Canadian Place (PATH Level)


McCafe opened its first stand-alone location in Canada a few months ago at the Union Station. With its success, the latest second stand-alone location in Canada is located at the heart of the financial district, located at the PATH level of the Exchange Tower.

In case you are lost and ain’t sure where the Exchange Tower is, no worries, lots of us got lost at the PATH level many many times. Basically, Exchange Tower is beside First Canadian Place (FCP). It’s located across the Ho Shim food court & near Longos grocery store.

MoVernie & MoKenny, along with a small number of Social Media Influencers were invited to attend the official grand opening private event at this McCafe location. This was definitely a Super Exclusive VIP private event. The major difference at this McCafe was that it provided sit-in area where its patrons could sit at a table comfortably and enjoyed its food and beverage. Meanwhile, the McCafe located at the Union Station doesn’t have sit-in area and gear more towards patrons who prefers the grab-n-go style awaiting its next GO Train or TTC Subway.

The moment I opened up the food menu, I was shocked and impressed at the same time. First of all, there were a variety of different food categories you could find in the menu, you could see sandwiches, salad, soups and all kinds of different beverages. Other than the all-day McMuffin food selections that was carried over to this McCafe Food Menu, basically, almost every item was very new and you won’t find it at regular McDonalds.

I was so impressed how healthy the food selections were shown on the McCafe Food Menu. Wait a minute, you probably wondered. What? Really? Healthy food and McDonald’s in the same sentence? No kidding! I ain’t joking here, the moment you opened up the food menu, there were lots of healthy food selections. This initiative has clearly indicated that McDonalds has listened carefully to its customers’ wants and needs. They have put their customers’ demands seriously and re-invented more healthy food items to its customers. Quite honestly, if you take out all the McDonalds labels or packaging, when you see the food items, you will think it’s some healthy eatery places.

In a later MoVernie VS Food BLOG, I will go over in detail of my food review of the various McCafe food and beverage items. For now, let’s check out the photos of the food and beverages that I got to taste during this special private McCafe event.

But I do have to let you know that there were 3 particular McCafe items that I would put it as “MoVernie MUST-TRY” Items.

1) Apple, Brie & Honey Croissant

2) Affagato

3) Soy Milk Latte


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