McDonald’s McTasters – Limited Time Only


McTastersAttention to ALL the McDonald’s Lovers or any foodie out there, in case you didn’t know, McDonald’s has recently launched two tasty and cool burgers called “McTasters“. It’s limited time offer from now until November 13, 2016.

There are two distinctive kinds of McTasters. The first one is called the “Mexican Chipotle Beef Burger” and the second one is called the Thai Sweet Chilli Chicken Burger. So, you really get two distinctive burgers from McDonald’s with one being more spicy hot and the other one is mild sweet chilli.

Mexican Chipotle Beef Burger: A juicy 100% Canadian beef patty, topped with a Chipotle Aioli sauce, crispy Tortilla strips, lettuce and Monterey Jack cheese, served on a toasted, sesame and ciabatta bun.


Mexican Chipotle Beef Burger – McTaster

Thai Sweet Chilli Chicken Burger: A juicy Junior Chicken patty topped with Asian veggie mix, cucumber, creamy McChicken sauce and spicy Thai sauce, served on a toasted, sesame and ciabatta bun.


Thai Sweet Chilli Chicken Burger – McTaster

Too tough to decide? I would just buy the best of both worlds and try both McTasters. I tried both McTasters today with my 3 colleagues and they basically like both. But if they have to choose one over another, they all chose the Thai Sweet Chilli Chicken Burger. Meanwhile, I prefer the Mexican Chipotle Beef Burger. I wonder if this is a guy or girl thing but nevertheless, I highly recommend you to try both burgers as they both bring its unique taste to the table and they are both delicious.

Both McTasters is $2.99 CDN + tax and both are available in all McDonald’s restaurants in Canada.

I am sure you will feel hungry after reading this MoVernie BLOG, get your own McTasters today!

This McTasters BLOG was paid for by McDonalds Canada. As always, all reviews and opinions are entirely my own.

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