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Mila's Fine Footwear
A few weeks ago, I was invited to the grand opening of a new shoe store that is located in the heart of the downtown core. The shoe store name is called “Mila’s Fine Footwear”, which is located at 77 Front Street East Toronto. It’s basically located a few stores from the iconic St. Lawrence Market.

The moment I arrived outside the store, it gave me an impression that this store is clean, modern and organized. Once I stepped inside Mila’s Fine Footwear, I could see lots of space for customers to walk around and check out various shoe brands that it carries. It carries leading brand such as Birkenstock, Finn Comfort, Ara, Fly London, Naot, Mephisto, Johnston & Murphy, Pikolinos.

As I glanced around the store, the main counter and the cashier station is located at the back. Along the walls, I found a female section and another side of the store, I found the male section. Varieties of shoes ranged from dress shoes, to casual wear, boots to high heels to sandals. Mila’s Fine Footwear also sells accessories such as purses, clutch bags, funky socks, etc.

Mila's Fine Footwear
At the event, I got to chat with one of the owners at the store. He told me that this is a family-run business. Although Mila’s Fine Footwear is new at this 77 Front Street location, they have been serving customers since 1932. I was surprised, that’s a long history full of experience in the shoe industry! As I think about it, running a shoe business for these many years ain’t easy as the shoe industry has gone through many changes in terms of its design, brands popularity, methods of selling shoes online, etc. What I like and admire is the fact that Mila’s Fine Footwear is able to withstand all the changes and being able to adapt and continue to serve its customers with high quality of comfy shoes, while maintaining friendly services.

My last question to the owner was “When someone asks you what Mila’s Fine Footwear means, what will he say? He said, “Mila’s stands for comfort and style, without compromise.”

At the end of the evening, we were asked to choose one pair of shoes of our choice as a gift. I chose a pair of nice dress shoes from the well-known brand called “Johnston & Murphy”. It’s a wonderful brand and I had purchased a number of Johnston & Murphy in the past. I look forward to wear these dapper shoes at TIFF and other nice parties.

Mila's Fine Footwear
Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) is just around the corner and I highly recommend you to shop at Mila’s Fine Footwear, whether you are shopping for the TIFF Gala or just trying to find a pair of comfy shoes for your regular work or fun outings, this is the store that fits everyone’s style and taste.

What I like about Mila’s Fine Footwear is its good selection of well-known brands and styles that aren’t necessary available from other big shoe stores. As many of my followers know me by now, I prefer wearing something unique, more exclusive pair of shoes that fits my MoVernie style and Mila’s Fine Footwear delivers for me.

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Mila’s Fine Footwear
77 Front Street East
Toronto, ON

Mila’s Fine Footwear has provided me with a pair of shoes as gift. However, as always, all reviews and opinions are entirely my own.

Mila's Fine Footwear Mila's Fine Footwear Mila's Fine Footwear


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