Miss Universe Canada Charity Boat Cruise


On a cold, chilly Sunday afternoon, I hopped onto a charity boat cruise ride organized by one of the Miss Universe Canada contestants. About close to 100 peeps came to show their support. Honestly, it was for a great cause and also to show for our support to one of our friends, who not only is a beautiful girl who has the beauty, intelligence but also a great BIG heart. Organizing an event like this on her own isn’t easy, mind still have to be ready for the big Pageant contest comes June.

The little boat sailed off the docks of the Harbourfront and into the the lake. Overtooking the skyscrapers being built is fascinating, overlooking new condos being up are cool too. The little engine failed in the middle of the lake, when no heat, no lights and no power. Honestly, a little titanic comes to mind or the possibility of needing the lifesaver came to mind. But after 30 minutes of boat fixing, Captain made the little boat back to the docks. All in all, it was a chilly boat ride, but the warmth of the big hearts and beautiful ladies warmed the entire boat ride.

Best of luck to the organization being benefitted from this charitable event as well as best of luck to the Miss Universe Canada contestants.

You can check out the Miss Universe Canada website here at http://www.beautiesofcanada.com/muc/contestants/2012-finals/


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