MLB Baseball AllStar Voting Ends Today


My co-worker told me that today is the last day to vote for the baseball all-star game. She told me that I have to vote and do so ASAP. So, I did. There are some tough choices especially some positions have weak players all around, you basically have to choose the better of the worst squad. I felt cheated when I can pick one more player (DH) in the American League and one less player for the National League. I know lots of people wanted the rookie from the Los Angeles Dodgers, Yasiel Puig to be voted in the all-star game. With 108 at bats, he is batting .440 with 8 hrs and 18 rbis. Hey, anything is possible. Let’s see if it plays out.

I got to say, I was biased in some of my picks. I chose JP Arencibia, despite his low batting average and below average defensive plays but I like his offensive stats and he is a BlueJays, enough said. Out of all the bluejays squad, I think Edwin “Chicken Wing” Encarnacion deserves to go to the all-star game the most. Have you voted yet? You should go to to vote!

Here are the rest of my MLB all-star selection:

My MLB Baseball All-Star Vote

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