Moon Point Movie – Canadian Film


I was invited to a special screening to this wonderful, cute, adorable movie called the Moon Point. It’s about a socially awkward 23 year-old kid who lives at home and is basically perceived as useless by his mother and family. His only friend is a friend who is crippled and uses a wheel chair. The awkward boy wants to find a date to attend his cocky cousin’s wedding because his cousin believes he won’t find one. So, on tv, he saw his grade 8 crush who is now a B-listed actress. He and his only friend has decided to take a short journey to this place called Moon Point, on a wheel chair and tag along a garden wagon along with it. On the journey, many things happened and you got to watch it for yourself to see the twisted unique ending of this movie.

Anyways, the only location that shows this movie is at AMC/Dundas. Originally, it was only shown from last week but due to a higher than expected demand, AMC has given this movie a second week of showing until Thursday, Feb. 16.

This is an ALL-Canadian product, with Canadian castings and director/producer. They would like to show it across Canada. However, they were told that all film theatres will ONLY react accordingly based on the boxscore at the AMC location. So, if it fails, no go across the country. Show your support to Canadian film and music industry. We need to help our own people when they do have a great movie.

I have to say, it’s a great movie, perfect for Valentines. Not just because it’s made by Canadians but it is a movie I would have willing to pay to watch anyways.

Please check the AMC for the screening times.

PHOTO: MoVernie posted with the Degrassi cast at the Post Screening party, showing their support to the actress, Paul Brancati, whose once was a Degrassi cast.


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