MoVernie Predictions: Shohei Ohtani Could Go To Atlanta Braves or Toronto Blue Jays


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MLB Baseball, in the past few weeks, have been super exciting as everyone talks about where the “One & Only” 2-Way sensational Japanese player, Shohei Ohtani is going to sign? Shohei is a free agent and every team in the entire league would luv to sign him, but of course, ONLY 1 lucky team will win his heart and sign the biggest contract in MLB history.

Who is going to be?

The Obvious Choice….Los Angeles Dodgers

Most people predict Shohei to sign with the Los Angeles Dodgers since Shohei had been playing his entire MLB career so far with the cross-town rival, the Los Angeles Angels. Dodgers has a rich history, nice weather, and Shohei doesn’t have to travel far as it’s just across town. Dodgers have the money to spend on superstars to join him and have a great farm team to develop young players into superstars, so Dodgers have everything to help Shohei succeed and win a World Series Championship. Moreover, LA will have lots of endorsements for Shohei to make loads of money outside from baseball.

But in my opinion, the decision may NOT be that obvious, I feel money is not everything, the big market teams may not be what Shohei is after. He seems to be an very interesting unique guy. Think about this. Most Japanese players choose the New York Yankees, Seattle Mariners, LA Dodgers or Boston Red Sox, the usual teams that can outbid other teams to get these Japanese players from overseas or the Japanese players just prefer to play for these storied franchises.

But….Shohei surprised many people to choose to play for the Los Angeles Angels to start his MLB career

The 2 Dark Horses: Atlanta Braves and Toronto Blue Jays

In my opinion, I would not be surprised if the Atlanta Braves and the Toronto Blue Jays become the dark horses for a chance to sign Shohei long term. The Atlanta Braves have a creative mastermind in GM Alex Anthopoulos who has playoff successes, he knows when to go all-in to trade for or sign key players to elevate his Braves team to the next level. The Braves have a solid starting 5, relief pitching, and tons of young core of players who can build around Shohei to compete for the World Series year-in-year-out!

What about the Toronto Blue Jays? I am not saying Toronto has a chance coz I live in Toronto but the Jays also have a core group of players lead by Vladdy Guerrero, Bo Bichette and tons of other players with a good group of starting pitcher. The Blue Jays is a very diverse team with players from South Korea, Japan, Latin America and all over the world. If Shohei wants an entire country to back his team, Toronto is the landing spot. Perhaps it’s attractive to Shohei to win the championship with a team that hasn’t won for a long time but have potential to build a dynasty that is built by him and his teammates.

That’s how I feel and think what Shohei will do or should consider.

MoVernie QUESTION: What about you? Where do you think Shohei Ohtani should play next year?

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