MoVernie Top 10 Favourite Cocktails on Celebrity Beyond [CELEBRITY BEYOND TRAVEL SERIES]


Everyone knows how much I luv cocktails. I get extra excited when I go to a bar that has mixologists who can make tasty specialty drinks. If it’s a Speakeasy bar? That’s icing on the cake for the experience.

On this Celebrity Beyond cruise ship, which is just 3 months young, there are many restaurants, bars and unique places to order some nice cocktails. In fact, every spot on this cruise ship has a short list of exclusive specialty cocktails that are only available at a specific restaurant or bar in order to indulge it. Celebrity is smart, as they want you to explore and get to experience every spot on this brand new ship.

Better yet, I am in luv with this Celebrity Beyond as they understand how important a good cocktail is. Although Gin & Tonic, Pina Colada or a glass of Champagne are nice beverages…however, it’s important cruise ships can elevate their cocktail game by having talented and trained mixologists who can serve its guests with some unique drinks. And Celebrity definitely went above & beyond on this brand new ship.

Many of my favourite drinks listed in this MoVernie BLOG are being served at my favourite place on the ship and that’s the “World Class Bar“, located on Deck 5 of the Celebrity Beyond. Special shoutout to Danii and Kojana for working so hard every night to bring us the best cocktails that the World Class Bar has to offer.

Below are my Top 10 Favourite Cocktails on Celebrity Beyond: Cheers!

Top #1: Signature Beyond – Sunset Bar (Deck 15)

Top #2: American Pie – World Class Bar (Deck 5)

Top #3: Don Julio Reposado – World Class Bar (Deck 5)

Top #4: Macallan Reviver – Café al Bacio (Deck 4)
The Macallan Scotch, Spiced Pineapple Syrup, Fresh Espresso, Maple Syrup, Lemon, Expressed Lemon Peel

Top #5: Zen Milk Bath – Raw on 5 (Deck 5)
Pure Snow Sake, Vanilla Vodka, Green Tea Liqueur & Milk

Top #6: Elderflower Blush – Bar at Main Pool Deck (Deck 14) + Mast Bar (Deck 15)
Bombay Sapphire Gin, St. Germain Elderflower, Sprite, Lemon Juice, Basil & Strawberry

Top #7: Elderflower Twisted Martini – Martini Bar (Deck 3)
Bombay, St. Germain, Vermouth, Lime Juice

Top #8: Tea Leaf – Raw on 5 (Deck 5)
Pure Snow Sake, Citrus Vodka, St. Germain Liqueur & Green Tea

Top #9: Rising Sun Old Fashion – Magic Carpet (Any Deck as it can move up & down on any given day)
Buffalo trace, Barley Tea, Bitters

Top #10: Iced Popcorn Frappe – Café al Bacio (Deck 4)
Tia Maria Liqueur, Cold Milk, Fresh Espresso, Popcorn Syrup, Freshly Popped Popcorn


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