MoVernie Top 15 Favourite Food Items on Celebrity Beyond [CELEBRITY BEYOND TRAVEL SERIES]


Everyone knows how much I luv food. I can eat many times a day and I get super excited when I go to a restaurant and check out its menu and could order many items to taste and indulge. Mind you, many peeps will order tons of food and can’t finish and leaving them to waste. I hate that and I am not one of them. I order what I can manage and consume responsibly.

On this Celebrity Beyond cruise ship, which is just 3 months young, there are many restaurants, bars and unique places that serve food. In fact, every spot on this cruise ship has a special list of food items that are ONLY available at a certain restaurant. Thus, you got to explore and dine at different eateries on the ship to taste them all.

MoVernie TIP: Did you know…at the standard fine dining restaurants (Normandie, Cosmopolitan, Cyprus or Tuscan), that you can order more than one appetizer or more than one entree? How about more than one dessert? Many of our friends didn’t think this is possible and they only limited themselves to a set course with one appetizer, one entree and one dessert. Listen, at most cruise ships, you can order however number of food items, however way you want your dishes to be done. MoKenny and I most often ordered double orders of shrimp cocktails. We will order 3 or 4 appetizers and 2 entrees, sometimes no dessert or just a scoop of ice cream or a cocktail as our liquid dessert. I ordered a NY steak with no side orders, just the meat. Coz I don’t want to waste the sides.

Although, you can order as many food items as you like, my word of advice is…ONLY order the amount of food that you can consume. If you know you can’t consume, don’t over order as I hate it when peeps order and can’t finish. Also, since you are ordering more appetizers for example, make sure you let the server who serves you the flexibility to serve you at any order when the food arrives. The kitchen is busy, the servers are hardworking, you shouldn’t be picky on which food item being served first, we just let our servers decide how to best serve us based on when the appetizers are coming. Furthermore, make sure you are polite and patience with your servers.

FYI – Scroll down all the way to the bottom of this MoVernie BLOG if you want to watch some of the vblog videos of some of the food that I indulged on Celebrity Beyond.

As I mentioned in my other MoVernie BLOGs about this cruise ship, the standard fine dining restaurants that come with your standard cruise package has elevated at such a high standard that….for the most part, we enjoyed our standard dining experience that there was absolutely no need to fork out extra money to dine every night at the specialty restaurants. These 4 standard fine dining restaurants include, Normandie, Cosmopolitan, Cyprus and Tuscan have friendly services and the food menu rotates every night and during our 11-night cruise, we didn’t encounter a night where the specialty dishes were repeated, that’s how much thoughts the culinary team has in creating such an amazing menus.

In particular, we visited Normandie the most as the service was amazing, but more importantly, the food quality was consistent and delicious throughout. However, Tuscan was the ONLY restaurant that we didn’t enjoy out of the 4 fine dining standard restaurants mainly the signature dishes weren’t great and many of the items on the menu didn’t intrigue us. Tuscan was our least favourite.

Below are my top 15 favourite food items that I really enjoyed during my stay on Celebrity Beyond. Just a note that the standard fine dining restaurants were such top quality and consistent that we didn’t see the need to pay extra money to try other specialty restaurants. Thus, I can’t list some items from places like Le Voyage or Le Petit Chef or Rooftop Grill when we didn’t dine there.

So, this list is solely based on my own opinion and dining experience and I am sure you will have your own list of food items that you enjoy on the ship. But if you ever on Celebrity Beyond, make sure to try these dishes! They were super delish!

Top #1: NY Striploin Steak – Available at ALL 4 Standard Fine Dining Restaurants (Normandie, Cosmopolitan, Cyprus and Tuscan) (Deck 3 and Deck 4)

Top #2: Lobster Cocktail – Fine Cut Steakhouse (Deck 5)

Lobster Cocktail: Melon, creamy horseradish, grapefruit, bib lettuce

Top #3: French Onion Soup – Normandie (Deck 3)

Top #4: All Types of Soup & Chowder – ALL the restaurants that serves soup or chowder (throughout the ship)

Top #5: Seafood Tower – Raw on 5 (Deck 5)

Top #6: Grilled Lobster Tails – Available at ALL 4 Standard Fine Dining Restaurants (Normandie, Cosmopolitan, Cyprus and Tuscan) (Deck 3 and Deck 4)

Top #7: Escargots – Available at ALL 4 Standard Fine Dining Restaurants (Normandie, Cosmopolitan, Cyprus and Tuscan) (Deck 3 and Deck 4)

Top #8: Prime Rib – Normandie (Deck 3)

Top #9: Teriyaki Duck Confit with Veggies + Steam Rice + chopped Bok Choy – Cosmopolitan (Deck 4)

Top #10: Seafood Stew – Normandie (Deck 3)

Top #11: Beef Carpaccio with Chopped Shiitake Mushrooms – Normandie (Deck 3)

Top #12: Lobster Meat on Curry Udon Soup – Raw on 5 (Deck 5)

Top #13: Grilled Black Pepper Glazed Bacon – Fine Cut Steakhouse (Deck 5)

Top #14: Shrimp Cocktail – Available at ALL 4 Standard Fine Dining Restaurants (Normandie, Cosmopolitan, Cyprus and Tuscan) (Deck 3 and Deck 4)

Top #15: Build Your Own Pasta Station – Oceanview Cafe (Deck 14)

Below are some unedited vlogs of the food items that we indulged as well as tour of some of the restaurants that we dined at. Bon Appetit!


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