Mr Dumpling Express – Chinese Food – Hamilton, Canada


After attending the Hexploration Horror Film Festival Opening Reception event in Hamilton, Canada, me and my buddy were super hungry. So, we googled and found “Mr. Dumpling“. At first, we thought the entire place only serve dumplings, apparently, that’s not the case. They serve dumplings but also serve a number of Chinese food items. This is a quick, casual express eatery that serves Chinese food.

There are dine-in tables and seats, however, there are no dine-in service, it’s a self-order, self-serve type of place. But that just suited us fine as we just want something quick to fill our tummy. The Chinese food came out piking hot in temperature, good portion, good price. To me, it tasted good, it did the job.

In particular, I really glad I ordered my combo. The combo included an entree with rice, spring roll, a pop drink and a fortune cookie. My entree was Kung Pow Chicken, it’s spicy but manageable. The price was reasonable. If you are looking for a quick fix, on the go or take out, Mr. Dumpling is a good place.

Mr. Dumpling Express – Hamilton, Canada
Address: 50 Dundurn St S, Hamilton, ON L8P 4W3
Phone: (905) 570-1388



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