My Buddy Bought Me This Jacket & Brought It All The Way from Hong Kong


My buddy who lives in Hong Kong came visit his family in Toronto last week. And every time if I am not on Press Trips but in Toronto, I will find time to see him and catching up.

This time, my buddy surprised me with this fall jacket. He brought this jacket all the way from Hong Kong and gave it to me as a gift. He said I will look stylish on red carpets or at VIP events, he is so thoughtful.

I do like the style of this jacket especially the green colour is nice. I think green looks good on jacket like this but it has to be a right green. I really like this green.

The material is silky smooth as well.

Thanks buddy! I appreciate this and will wear to VIP events.

MoVernie QUESTION: What do you think? Do you like this jacket?


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