My Love for Cars Dated Way Back When I was a Kid – Flashback


My bro (MoKenny) & I when we were young.


When I was a kid, I already love cars! At an age of 4, I had over hundreds of hot wheels car toys. My mom still told me this day that I could play for hours with just a few car toys. She called my childhood “low maintenance” lol. Every week, my parents would bring me to a toy store and I got to pick out a new car toy to play (only if I behave of course). At the age of 5, I could recognize every car brand and models to the exact trim level. I could even tell you the size of the engine, the horsepower and amount of torque and approximate price of the cars. I even recalled my dad will call home and told me his friends are planning to buy a car, is that brand or model was good. That’s how much I love cars!

I recalled one time, my uncle had a friendly bet with me that we had to guess the right car brand and model of a car parked 15 floors beneath our condo unit. His guess was Toyota Celica and my guess was Datsun Fairlady (back then they called Datsun and not Nissan). We both walked downstairs and I WON. He lost the bet so he had to buy me a set of car toys for a month.

As my family immigrated from Hong Kong to Toronto, my love of the cars continued, only major difference back then, were way more American cars and I need to familiarize with all the brands back then. Each day, after school, I would draw out many car designs and possible technologies that I envisioned our future society would be. Technologies ideas such as backup camera, speed sensors, automatic wipers detector, all of these technologies ideas were part of my 8-year old portfolio. I told my parents my ideas but unfortunately, without social media or anything, my parents didn’t know who to reach out to nor would they think a car company would believe in an 8-year old kid’s ideas.

As time flew by, I went to high school and into University. I could have been a mechanical engineer or a car designer or anything related to cars, timing wasn’t right and I studied and worked in the marketing industry. And back to current time, I have became a Social Media Influencer, have my own live in studio TV show, write blogs and cover cool events. And what happen? In a circle of life and with all things connected, I would never thought I would be covering Toronto Auto Show, Detroit Auto Show, SEMA in Vegas, test driving cars for my blog and auto reviews for my show, twitting pictures of the latest car models at product launch events.

The timing is everything and when there are opportunities coming your way, nothing can stop that. Social Media opens up opportunities and my dream came true to be able to spend time with new cars, test driving them and seeing them up-close. Although, I ain’t a car designer or anything like that, my connection with cars linked me back from childhood to now. I am grateful!

And my connection with cars continues as I will be attending to the Exclusive VIP 2015 Ford NAIAS Digital Summit. I will have more chance to see more new Ford products and its latest technologies behind-the-scenes.

Follow me on Twitter @MoVernie or on Instagram @RealMoVernie for the latest Ford Product News. I will be reporting “LIVE” at the Blue Oval in Detroit. By the way, whoever named the special area “Blue Oval” is a very bright person.

In addition of following me on Twitter and Instagram, you can also follow this hashtag #FordNAIAS, peeps who are attending this special event will all be using this special designated hashtags, so feel free to follow them as well.

I would like to thank Ford Canada for providing me with this exclusive opportunity!

Vernon (aka MoVernie)
Twitter – @MoVernie
Instagram – @RealMoVernie


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