My Travel Memories with Ford Vehicles


Do you ever have those moments or memories where you don’t even know there was a special connection? Whenever I travelled to the States, if I ever rented a vehicle for my road trip, it turned out to be Ford vehicles. I never plan or request it, just happened that the moment you went to pickup the vehicle (after you placed an order online), it’s a Ford when I drove around places to places.

Memories are built for every adventure that I travelled to and the car became part of my memory. We spent time in the vehicle and as we explored various landmarks and that driving experiences will be with us.

I recalled driving the Ford Fusion along the scenic drive from Malibu, Los Angeles all the way to San Francisco. Along the scenic drive, we saw sea lions, mooing cows, clouds and sunset beneath us as we drove up in high altitudes. That was a memorable drive for sure. I still remembered it was such a random decision to use the scenic drive and didn’t know it would take 6-8 hours to complete the route. With half a tank of gas in the Ford Fusion, we were lucky to make it out of the scenic route in time to find the nearest gas station. We couldn’t find any gas stations along the scenic drive. So glad, the Ford Fusion was super efficient.



Another time, We rent a Ford Mustang convertible during our media coverage at the SEMA Auto Aftermarket Show, cruising around Vegas. It was a great feeling, soaking up the sun and in open air, especially it was freezing cold in Toronto during that time of the year. Walking into the SEMA Show, we got to see alot of new after market products and saw how stock cars were being pimped with their rides. In particular, I really enjoyed the Ford display. They made a personalized t-shirt for you with your business card company logo on it. It was worth the wait as I placed “MoVernie” logo on the t-shirt.

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After covering the SEMA show, we drove the Ford Mustang from Vegas to Los Angeles to visit our buddy who is an Executive Producer of his latest film called “Hunter’s Moon” and we also attended the America Film Market (AFM). Covering American Film Festival was an eye opener, got to meet directors, prodcuers, actors, etc. Also, cruising Santa Monica with a Mustang convertible was so fitting.


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Then, another time, I drove the luxurious Lincoln MKZ Hybrid in Vancouver. It was my very first time driving a hybrid in my life. The engine was nice and super quiet. The MKZ was chic, modern, sleek, luxurious, fuel efficient and I loved the panaramic sunroof. It was fun driving around Stanley Park, Granville Island and other parts of the city.



And a few months ago, I drove the Ford Fusion 1.5L to Hamilton to attend my friends’ wedding. I knew both the groom and bride. The groom referred the Fusion as Iron Man because he thinks the Sunset colour of the Fusion and the front grill looks exactly like Iron Man. It’s amazing how car engineers these days can create a fuel efficient 1.5L engine that still pumps out 180 hp. It’s unbelievable.

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And now, stepping into the new year of 2015. I am heading to the 2015 Ford North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) Digital Summit in Detroit. I am sure I will be seeing more Ford products. Ford products have been with me all my life and let’s continue the journey!

Next stop…..2015 Ford NAIAS!



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I would like to thank Ford Canada for providing me with this exclusive opportunity!

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