Myrtle Beach – Flying via Porter Airlines

Billy Bishop Airport

Welcome to Billy Bishop Airport, super close and conveniently located to the downtown core of Toronto.

Peeps! Did you know that you can take a direct flight from Porter Airlines and in less than 2 hours, you will be in a hot and sunny Myrtle Beach, South Carolina?

Although peeps can choose Air Canada or WestJet and fly to Myrtle Beach from Toronto Pearson Airport. But I am sure most of my peeps would opt to fly via Porter Airlines instead. That’s because Billy Bishop Airport is so conveniently located at the downtown core. You can take a cab/Uber, take a street car 509 or take the Porter Airlines own shuttle bus that picks you up from various locations such as Front/University intersection. In fact, some peeps that live close by can even walk over to the airport.

Direct flight from Porter Airlines to Myrtle Beach varies in prices based on the season and the time of the year for your trip. Return-trip ranges from a respectable $370CDN to $460CDN per person, which is very reasonable. For a trip to Myrtle Beach, a carry-on is actually good enough as you are basically packing shorts, tees and sandals that don’t take much of your space. By doing that, you will save $25 baggage fee if you decide to check in one luggage.

Pedestrian underground tunnel

Pedestrian underground tunnel that just takes less than 7 minutes to walk to the airport.

What I like about using Porter Airlines is how much more convenient and less crowded as compared to the Toronto Pearson Airport. You can just drag your carry-on and a purse or a personal bag and walk through its new pedestrian underground tunnel. It includes a conveyor belt that will help you walk faster. Within less than 7 minutes (if you are Usain Bolt, possibly less than 10 seconds), you are on the other side. Take the escalator up. Voila, you have arrived at the airport. You can then print out the boarding pass at one of the kiosk or you can just show the TSA your boarding pass code via your Smartphone. Lineup is relatively way shorter at Billy Bishop than at the Toronto Pearson. A short walk, you have arrived at the Porter Airlines Lounge, which has desktop computers for you to use the internet. Chairs and sofas located in various booths for you to charge your Smartphones while chill and relax. Better yet, Porter Airlines provide you with complimentary coffee, tea, pop or bottle of water. Complimentary snacks such as cookies or nuts are also available. If you really want a bigger snack or meal, it has a food station that you can make your purchase.

The View

The View from the6ix!

When it’s our turn to board our plane, we passed through the lovely Porter Airlines staff counter.  Through a short walk, we were about to board the plane. Please note that Porter Airplanes usually carries between 35-50 passengers, many of its upper compartment storage aren’t capable of storing our carry-on. I know it’s a bit weird how your carry-on got passed its measurements and its inspection early on in the process at the entrance. Yet, the storage spaces are limited that your carry-on can’t fit into its compartments above your head. That’s unfortunate but it is what it is. Most of the time, the staff will inform you to put your carry-on underneath the chair in front you (which means you have no leg room for yourself) or put them aside near the plane entrance so that they can place your carry-on in the bottom of the plane luggage storage. This is fine with me without extra charge.

We were then greeted by 2 lovely Porter Airlines staff (1 at the front and 1 at the end of the plane) as we found our seats. Usually, the Porter airplanes come in 2 by 2 configurations with a washroom at the front of the plane. The best part? Complimentary snacks and beverages are all included in the flight. Snacks include crispy root chips (so delicious) and nuts. Beverages include coffee, tea, pop, beer and wine. What? What? Beer and wine at no extra charge? Yes indeed, that’s what Porter Airlines have been prying, providing good service, good flights and the experience that other competitors couldn’t provide.

Complimentary snacks from Porter Airlines

Luv these crispy root chips. I need to know where I can buy them.

Complimentary beer or wine or pop or coffee/tea from Porter Airlines

SteamWhistle Beer, love supporting local Canadian Brewery

The flight was a pleasant experience. Although I must admit that since the Porter airplanes are relatively smaller than other bigger planes and that it’s a propeller plane that when there is turbulence, you do feel a little bit more from it. Otherwise, most of the flight was smooth. In less than 2 hours, we have arrived in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Just imagine you get to a hot sunny destination from the cold weather of Toronto in less than 2 hours!!! That’s awesome!

Stay tuned on my MoVernie BLOGs as I will share all the hidden gems and good restaurants on my food adventures in Myrtle Beach!

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Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport

It’s my Airport – Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Hello Myrtle Beach!

Porter Airlines

Getting ready to land!



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