(NEW ADDRESS LOCATION – NOW OPEN) – 388 Spadina Avenue – Rol San Chinese Restaurant – Chinatown, Toronto, Canada


Last month (mid-February 2023), I read a blogTO article indicating that Rol San Chinese Restaurant is closing down and it was a shocker to many as this Chinese restaurant is a mainstay in Chinatown Toronto. I recalled spending many late nights at Rol San ordering dim sum and comfort Chinese food with my friends after clubbing or VIP events. In fact, former Raptors Serge Ibaka had indicated that Rol San is his favourite Chinese food place to eat in Toronto.

Luckily, the worry was short lived as blogTO mentioned that Rol San will re-open at a nearby address at 388 Spadina Avenue. And Rol San’s own Instagram handle confirmed that they have re-opened since March 6, 2023. Welcome back Rol San!

So what happened? Let me tell you. I walked by the old 322 Spadina Avenue address and not only did the old Rol San was closed, other restaurants beside it that stretches along the entire complex was closed down. The whole Spadina Court complex were surrounded by construction boards indicating that the buildings will be demolished.

As I walked to 388 Spadina Avenue to find the new Rol San, I noticed this new restaurant address is pretty much across the old address, slightly one block north on the west side of the old address, so it’s still part of Chinatown and close by.

Visually, looking from the outside, the entrance of the restaurant looked smaller and when walked inside, you could see that the new address has less tables and a little bit smaller. Nevertheless, as long as Rol San is still open for business, that’s what I care about.

The owner actually was the one who greeted me and welcomed me into his new restaurant. I chatted with him a bit and told him how much I luv his food and all the good memories of dining at his place late night after clubbing.

After a short chat, I introduced myself to him and he told me his name is Ben. Ben, the owner told me that they had no choice but to move due to the fact that the former property management decided to demolish the whole complex and will be building condos. He said it’s hard to find new address that is nearby and could accommodate enough space to setup lots of tables for a resto. I agreed with him as I told him his former address had a newly renovated space at the back of the resto.

Ben said not to worry, they had successfully secured the business space next door, within a few weeks, they will expand and open up that part of the space as well to accommodate more people.

What a relief! As I glanced at the food menu, everything looks the same, same price, same dish offerings and most importantly, its signature all-day dim sum is still there. Dim sum prices range from $5.38 to $6.88 to $7.28.

While I was dining there, I overheard many patrons were telling Ben that they were happy that Rol San is back and it’s still open for business as many of them didn’t know the old address was shut down and they saw the notice and walked over to the new address. Ben thanked them for their continued support and loyalty. Ben told them that this new restaurant was just opened this past Monday, March 6, 2023, so it’s super new.

The new restaruant is fancier, more modern and chic and clean. In particular, I really like the silver brick wall with the big “Rol San” sign in Chinese placed on the wall. Moreover, the cashier desk and beverage area was very modern and nice as well.

Quite honestly, I have never seen any tall condos being built along Chinatown. Although I know it’s inevitable that condos will continue to be built around the downtown core to meet the ever increase demand for residence, but I also worried that there will be many residential condos but not enough public parking and not enough eateries around. I am also concerned that Chinatown will be disappearing and lose its history and character as more of them are being pushed out by property management who wants to transformed the area into tall condo buildings. Anyhow, I hope the City of Toronto and politicians put in the consideration of the importance of preserving history and traditions.

Anyhow, I wish Rol San all the best with the new address and expansion and continue to open for business for many many years to come! Thank you for serving us and the surrounding communities all these years!

Steamed pork meat & crab meat in soup dumpling

Steamed beef tripe with ginger and scallions

Pork meat dumpling in “Chiu Chow” style

Veggies (choy) marinated beef brisket & tendon with steamed rice

Rol San Chinese Restaurant – New Address – 388 Spadina Avenue, Chinatown, Toronto, Canada
Address: 388 Spadina Ave., Toronto, ON M5T 2G5
Phone: (416) 977-1128
Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/Kv8mhVCmjHih3SqG9

MoVernie TIP: Rol San automatically put in 15% tip into your bill, so make sure you don’t mistakenly double tip them again. You are welcome!


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