New Ho King – China Town (Downtown Toronto)



New Ho King - China Town (Downtown Toronto)

Peeps! Looking for good Chinese food in downtown Toronto? China town is always a no-brainer for great food. But with so many Chinese restaurants to choose from, which one do you choose? Although there are many in China Town that are good, I like New Ho King. It’s good for lunch, brunch, dinner, but it’s famous for opening late, which means after clubbing, you are hungry and tired and you want comfort food, New Ho King is the place.

Now, even if you aren’t clubbing and just want a nice dinner meal, New Ho King is the good spot. Normally, we ordered New Ho King for food delivery, right at our condo door. However, I have decided to make a physical visit just to see how the resto look. To my surprise, no more cheap white plastic table cloth (you know those disposable ones), no more. They use modern dark tables and chairs. Modern decor and it looks pretty nice. They have definitely renovated this place to make it more presentable.

Lots of good food at New Ho King. My “Go-To” food items at New Ho King? I like their signature crabmeat fish stomach stew, it comes with individual size, small, regular or large. I usually opt for regular as it’s good for 4 rice bowl of stew, coupled with little bit of red vinegar, it hits the spot. A good taste of red vinegar yet, not overpowering the entire stew. They also used real crab meat (I could taste it). Mind you, not every resto uses real crab meat coz it’s expensive, they replace it with imitation crab which the texture and taste are way off. Not at New Ho King, real crab meat bro!

New Ho King - China Town (Downtown Toronto)I also like their “Fu Yu stir fry Tung Choi”, it’s a good veggie item. However, the veggie is very seasonal, so better ask them if it is in season. If not, don’t be stubborn, just order something else. We also like the “stir fry beef ho fun”, the grilled and the little burning of the wok gives the ho fun the aroma and it’s addictive. It’s the best stir fry ho fun in Toronto. It’s a MUST ORDER.

But honestly, you close your eyes and just pick anything, this place will deliver good food most of the time, so you can’t go wrong. Be adventurous and try new food items.

After you sober up or fill up your stomach, you will be thankful that you came to New Ho King. And of course, if you want to thank me for this recommendation, you can scream “Thanks! MoVernie”, I don’t mind that either.

Enjoy! And MoVernie is outta here!

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New Ho King
410 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON M5T 2G7
Phone: (416) 595-1881

New Ho King - China Town (Downtown Toronto) New Ho King - China Town (Downtown Toronto) New Ho King - China Town (Downtown Toronto) New Ho King - China Town (Downtown Toronto)


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