(New Location Now Open) Fishman Lobster Clubhouse 魚樂軒 Restaurant – Scarborough, Canada


NEW location: 4020 Finch Avenue East. Make sure you don’t go to the old spot at Silver Star Blvd coz that spot is now closed.

The highly successful seafood restaurant “Fishman Lobster Clubhouse” 魚樂軒 has moved to a new location. The new location is located at the north east side, between Finch Avenue East and Kennedy Road intersection, located beside the ESSO Gas Station.

NOTE: The old location (Silver Star Blvd) is now closes down, don’t go there. Make sure you and your friends drive to the new location (4020 Finch Avenue East).

Inside look at the new Fishman Lobster Clubhouse. There is a bar area, more tables, larger space, more water tanks, higher ceiling.

As you know, the MoVernie Team is ALWAYS on the MOVE to bring you the latest news on new hot spots around the city, enjoy the pictures and videos that we have prepared of the new location below.

At least 2x bigger than the old location.

Remember, the next time you are heading to the restaurant, make sure the NEW ADDRESS is 4020 Finch Avenue East. I am sure it will take some people a while before finding the new spot. It’s not that far, just a few blocks south of its old location.

More water tanks that stretches along the walls.Fishman Lobster Clubhouse Restaurant
Website: www.old.flctoronto.com
4020 Finch Avenue East, Scarborough, ON (open on February 28, 2018)
Phone: (416) 321-0250

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More washroom stalls and urinals. You can see they still need to put the finishing touches to the hallway walls.

A larger section to store wine and other drinks.

Fishman Lobster Clubhouse in Chinese.

Trying to educate us the different parts of the lobster when I could think of is whether to fried, steam, maggie sauce, grill, etc.

The View!

Now Open, they move to this new location.

The menu and prices.

Call now to book your reservation.


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