New Safety Protocols & Higher Standards When Picking Up the Mazda Fleet – Thank You Mazda Canada!


Thank you to @MazdaCanada for your new cleaning protocols and safety measures to keep the journalists safe when picking up the press fleet.

With COVID-19, car companies fleet department such as Mazda Canada implements thoughtful safety protocols to help reduce the spread and flatten the curve.

I signed a loaner agreement electronically instead of a hardcopy and will pick up the vehicle at a designated location. During the whole process, I only saw 1 staff to reduce as many contact points as possible and the staff uses hand sanitizer before handing me a ziplock bag with the keyfob.

Here is a list of safety protocols that Mazda Canada fleet department uses when they clean their fleets:

Mazda Canada hires a detailing company that goes through a high standard detailing procedures and they add a layer of sanitization-grade product to all high-contact points in and around the vehicle.

On top of the thorough detailing procedures they apply to every vehicle, they are also adding another layer of sanitization with an automotive-grade product to all high-contact points in and around the vehicle. These points include:

  • Door handles (exterior and interior)
  • Window and lock switches
  • Mirror adjustment buttons
  • Steering wheel
  • Shifter
  • Parking brake button
  • HVAC buttons and knobs
  • HMI Commander buttons
  • Mazda Connect screen
  • Seat adjustment buttons
  • Trunk/liftgate release button
  • Hood release pull
  • Seatbelt and seatbelt connector
  • Lights and windshield wiper stalks
  • Overhead cabin lights
  • Sunglass holder
  • Glovebox handle
  • All miscellaneous interior buttons

Also, after all the cleaning and disinfectant processes, they will put the vehicle dormant for a week in between journalist booking to give time for any possible harmful particles to disappear.

These are all very well thoughtful safety protocols by Mazda Canada. It’s possible every car company may have some different variations of their cleaning protocols.

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Special thank you to @MazdaCanada.

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The 2020 CX-9 AWD Signature was provided by Mazda Canada. However, as always, the opinions expressed in this post is entirely my own.


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