NOMA (#1 The World’s Best 50 Restaurant) – MoVernie vs Food


Ever since I posted pictures and videos of me eating Danish Ants on beef tartare at The World’s 50 Best Restaurant in NOMA (Copenhagen, Denmark), I got alot of peeps’ attention and wanted to know more about this restaurant.

And ever since I have chosen NOMA as my MoVernie Top #1 Memory in 2014, I got even more peeps who want to know what other food dishes Famous Chef Rene Redzepi serves other than just Danish ants. Well…finally, I got sometime to organize my photos.

Enjoy the photos below as I am sharing with you my dining experience. Being able to meet & chatted with Chef Rene outside his restaurant while he was watering his grass was a memorable experience. The 20+ food tasting menu worth every penny of my wallet although it was also the most expensive meal of my life time to date. Touring the staff lounge and the kitchen was an amazing experience.

MoVernie vs Food













































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