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Have you ever been to North Lake Tahoe, Nevada? If yes, what is your favourite aspect about this region? If you haven’t been, and if you are an outdoor enthusiast, North Lake Tahoe is the destination for you!

As part of our Travel Nevada Press Trip, one of the stops was to visit North Lake Tahoe. North Lake Tahoe has one of the largest lakes in the United States and the water depth is as deep as the height of the entire Empire State Building.

I have to say, as I am writing this MoVernie BLOG, I wish I am still at North Lake Tahoe. There are a lot to like about North Lake Tahoe. Personally, I like the mountains, the clear lake water, the outdoor activities and the fresh air. Everyone here is so chill, and I love how calm and peaceful the lake is.

One of the outdoor activities that I recommend is kayaking at North Lake Tahoe. Since the lake is so massive, there are a number of kayaking companies and different kayaking routes for you to choose from. The one we got to experience is the North Shore Kayak Tour.

North Shore Kayak Tour

The North Shore Kayak Tour provides an adventurous experience with the scenic and beautiful Lake Tahoe shoreline from a perspective of a kayak.

Our tour bus dropped us off at the beachfront location in Tahoe Vista, California.

As we walked over to the booth, a friendly staff came out and greeted us. We were asked to sign a waiver form. We were then given a bunch of water gear to wear. This included the full body water proof blue suit that protected us from the collar all the way to the feet. Everyone was laughing at each other as we all look super funny but for me, I treated it as a fashion statement, LOL. We then had to wear our life jackets.

Then, a kayak guide introduced himself and asked us to walk towards the shoreline, so that he could provide us an introductory lesson about kayak safety. He also showed us the proper way to paddle on the water and what to look for when we are paddling in tandem. (Note: If you want to paddle on your own, you can, you can paddle in single or double kayak styles, but do call or inquire the availability during your booking).

When everyone was ready, one-by-one, we headed out on the water for our kayak adventure. I was impressed with how calm the water was, it was around noon time, sunny blue sky while we were paddling. The water was so clean and crystal clear that I could literally see the objects in the water. Every angle of Lake Tahoe was beautiful. I could see the snow caps still showing at the top of the mountains (we went in June). I could see birds flying and some fishes moving.

What I like about Lake Tahoe is the quietness and low traffic it makes on the water. In other countries, I had experienced DJ blasting music, lots of jet skis, speed boats and lots of human beings, although sometimes I don’t mind that type of scene, but I would rather be in the quieter vibe in Lake Tahoe.

Kayaking is not that difficult to do, it’s quite easy to comprehend and getting a hang of it. I had a few kayaking tours before on prior press trips so that was helpful. But even if you are a 1st timer, a few strides and practice would be suffice.

During our kayak tour, our tour guide discussed about the ecology, geology and other natural and human history topics along the way. During the tour, we paddled along the coast of King’s Beach and among the boulders of Crystal Bay and also getting a unique glimpse of some of Tahoe’s most beautiful waterfront homes.

The kayak took about 2 hours. There are a number of packages that you can choose from. You can have a tour for more than 2 hours. Maybe half a day that includes a stop at a certain spot and lunch is provided. So, whatever that works for you. However, just a note that in order for you to be able to kayak, you must know how to swim.

MoVernie Recommendations:

  • Check the weather report prior to your kayaking tour to see if it’s still going to happen or it maybe cancelled
  • Based on the weather, dress accordingly. Perhaps bring a sweater with you
  • Wear sunglasses if it’s a sunny day. Bring a hat to avoid sunburn. Put sunscreen on to protect your body
  • Bring a bottle of water in case you get thirsty
  • Make sure you are physically able. Don’t be shy or feel embrass if you don’t feel well or able to kayak that day.
  • If you are kayaking in tandem, the KEY is communication. Make sure both of you are paddling in tandem so the kayak is moving smoothly and efficiently. You don’t want to cancel each other’s effort and the kayak isn’t going anywhere. Decide who is steering and who is paddling for power.
  • Follow the leader, in this case, the tour guide, don’t paddle away from the group or not following the rules. Bottomline, have fun but be safe!
  • Our tour guide informed us that the BEST time of the year to kayak is in September when the weather is just perfect,not too hot and not too cold and there are a lot of other activities in the area to do.

Below is a summary of the North Shore Kayak Tour – Lake Tahoe

Typical Distance and Time: 3-6 miles. 10am-2pm.
Level of Difficulty: Easy.
Location: Tahoe Vista Recreation Area

Click here to find out other kayaking packages as well as the pricing for each different package.

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The kayak experience and this press trip were provided by Travel Nevada. However, as always, the opinions expressed in this post is entirely my own.

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