IPW 18: Denver, Colorado – Sunday Press Brunch


As part of the IPW 18 activity in Denver, Colorado, the media were treated to an amazing outdoor Sunday brunch event. This Sunday brunch event was one of my favourite highlights during IPW 18 coz I love food so much and it was also a great way to kickoff IPW 18 and meeting new people and seeing old faces at the same time.

The IPW 18 organizer blocked off the Larimer Square (the best restaurants & nightlife happenings) of the Denver streets just for us! How VIP was that? This was a mandatory media event, which means, all journalists were required to show up, but I mean, who would not want to attend such a great event? We hopped on the tour bus that were provided for all media staying at various hotels, so free transportation and they took us there to the streets.

Moment we arrived, we were given a small flyer indicating all the itineraries on schedule. As I entered, there was a stage on my right with some sofas and chairs for peeps to sit on. Then there were all kinds of stations being setup serving food and beverages from local restaurants and local brewers. It felt like a farmers’ market but with top notch high quality of food and drinks. I am sure you guys know how much I love my food and craft beer. Better yet, wine, specialty cocktails, coffee and craft beer were served. It was open bar and free food. All we need to bring was our stomach, LOL.

Before the Sunday brunch began, the President & CEO of the U.S. Travel Association, Roger Dow made the opening remarks and welcoming all the journalists from around the world for coming to IPW and the special Sunday brunch. Then, the mayor of Denver, Colorado welcomed the media for being here.

And then the Sunday brunch began, there were so many vendors at the Sunday brunch and I was so excited! Many of these food items were top quality and the ingredients being used were local. I have always been a fan of shopping local, eating local, supporting local. This event was a great way for me to chat with chefs, owners and farmers about their produce from Denver, Colorado. And Colorado is home of beers, they produce so many great beer and craft beer.

Another element I really like about this IPW 18 Sunday Brunch event is the flags being placed above the tents and all over the streets. It felt so welcoming and multicultural when seeing all the flags from around the world. They did this specifically for this event.

After 2+ hours of indulging good food and drinks, it was time to hop on the tour bus to go for a Media IPW 18 Pre-Tour. The IPW 18 Pre-Tour on Sunday is a mandatory media tour that every journalist were given time a few weeks prior to sign up on a tour of their choices. Me personally, I love craft beer and Colorado is the place to try out all of these beers. Yes, beer was served at this IPW 18 Sunday Brunch, but I want more. Thus, I signed up on the “Denver Beer Trail” IPW Tour, visiting a number of well-established local breweries, check out their beer production stations, take a tour, and of course, tried their beer and munchies. C’est la vie!

Overall, I really enjoyed the IPW 18 Sunday Brunch, it was very well-done, it’s outdoor vs inside a banquet hall or hotel space, the outdoor setting really added the cool vibe of getting to know more about Denver, Colorado. And thankfully, the weather hold up for us during the event.

Once again, I would like to thank the U.S. Travel Associations IPW for having me and I hope this trend continues as there are so much to explore in the United States and it definitely helps me meeting all the important people and at the same time opening up new opportunities for me.

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The incredible IPW 18 experience was provided by U.S. Travel Association’s IPW. However, as always, the opinions expressed in this post is entirely my own.





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