(NOW OPEN) Soul Bowl by Feedery Food – Aurora, Ontario, Canada


Welcome to the Feedery Restaurant located in Aurora, Ontario, Canada.

Feedery is now open to the public. Due to the latest provincial heath & safety restrictions, no dine-in is allowed on premise, but take out and food delivery services would be the options. Be sure to follow the latest provincial guidelines and restrictions.

Feedery has a variety of delicious food options all under one roof. From healthy to indulgent meals, you get your next feast all on one bill. It’s convenient and there is always a good option that fits your family & friends taste buds.

All the food items are curated and created by Chef Guillermo Russo and his team. They work hard to put in a list of food options that they think the customers will like. By looking at some of the food items on the menu, some of these ingredients are Peruvian items which is where Chef is originated, so it’s nice to see him incorporate these unique items as part of the food options. As their restaurant motto’s sums it up, “Love the food that you eat”.

Feeling eating healthy foods? Soul Bowl by @feederyfood is perfect for you!

We ordered the following healthy items:

1) Steak Salad – (grilled flank steak, cherry tomatoes, fried shallots, roasted sweet potatoes, Edamame, carrots, grilled broccoli, Thai basil & ginger ponzu vinaigrette)

2) Feedery Cobb Salad – (grilled chicken, bacon, egg, avocado, cherry tomatoes, pickled onions, corn, cheddar & herb ranch dressing)

Big portion, fresh ingredients and super tasty. I know I usually eat oily, fatty foods, but it’s nice to eat some healthier food items to cleansing my body. LOL 🤣

Soul Bowl by Feedery Food – Aurora, Ontario, Canada
Website: www.feedery.ca
Address: 14846 Yonge St, Aurora, ON L4G 1N2
Phone: (905) 503-0636
Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/Mj45HoB87V5Z266g7


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