Ok! I Caved In! I Watched Netflix Hit TV Show – Bridgerton


(Photo Credit): Netflix – Bridgerton

Ok! Alright! With all the buzz on social media and news articles about the Netflix hit TV Show, “Bridgerton“, I have to confess that I had watched the entire season 1. I just wanted to watch it and see what’s all the buzz is about. I have to say, normally, I wouldn’t let the media or the social media to convince me to watch something for the sake of watching something, but this show is quite interesting and I could understand why peeps are talking about it.

Prior to watching Bridgerton, I have no interest to watch shows that take place in the 1800s or in the ancient historic times, I just have no interest to watch how people live back in the days. But with Bridgerton, it was marvelous. The way people speak in the show, it’s such poetic and artistic.

Let me tell you why I enjoy the show:

1. The way people speak back in the days are quite amusing. The poetic way, the flow, the language, everything. They luv to say “Your Grace” or “exquisite” so often that I never knew that’s how they speak back then.

2. The dresses and the fashion. I luv the cutting, the fitting, the colours and the materials that were being used back in the 1800s. Duke of Hastings outfits? I would luv to wear them!

(Photo Credit): Netflix – Bridgerton

3. It’s amazing to see how the society works back then, the class, the status of people. I can’t imagine that’s how people live their lives in the High Society when they didn’t have to do any work at all and all they do is gossip and going to parties.

4. Those exquisite VIP parties. Oh mine! I would luv to go to those parties. I wonder if anyone will be trying to duplicate such luxurious parties in our generation (when COVID-19 is over!). Those venue spaces. The castles, the historical buildings, the gardens. Everything!

5. I would luv to have my own horse carriage rides. 4 horses at the front to guide us through the journey.

(Photo Credit): Netflix – Bridgerton

6. Diversity Castings: What impressive is that in this show, the production team and director had decided to forgone the accuracy of the ethnicities of people in the 1800s period. Instead of just showing all the white people in the show, they have incorporated other ethnicities of actors into the show. Queen Charlotte has African decent heritage. Duke of Hastings is able to achieve high status as being a Duke. I could see my people, Asian actors in the show. Although, they didn’t have any big roles, but it was refreshing to see Asians wearing white wigs and performing with a violin or going to a clothing store to buy dresses. It’s somewhat a breakthrough. Seeing Duke of Hastings marrying Daphne Bridgerton, an interracial relationship was nice to see as well.

(Photo Credit): Netflix – Bridgerton

Anyhow, overall, it was a joy to watch the entire 8 episodes of Season 1 Bridgerton. I can’t wait to watch Season 2 and more of this show on Netflix. If you haven’t watch it yet, this show is worth the hype and your time to binge watch it.

Bridgerton – Netflix
Season 1: Released – December 25, 2020

Here is the trailer:

(Photo Credit): Netflix – Bridgerton

(Photo Credit): Netflix – Bridgerton



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