Omakase Experience at Blue Bovine with Executive Sushi Chef Eugene Yi Joo Na (Inside Union Station) – Toronto, Ontario, Canada


The HIGHLIGHT for the MoBros at the Blue Bovine VIP Party was when Executive Chef Sean introduced us to Sushi Chef Eugene.

Chef Sean asked Chef Eugene to provide us with an Omakase Experience. For those who doesn’t know, Omakase is “Chef’s Choice” who decides the freshest fishes and ingredients while making fresh sushi piece-by-piece for the guests.

We saw sushi rolls and sushi platters being served around the restaurant but this Exclusive Omakase experience was totally unexpected surprise for me and MoKenny. It was spectacular sitting at the 4-seat sushi counter, watching Chef Eugene working his magic.

First, Chef Eugene asked us if we prefer to eat our sushi with our hands or with chopstix. We both opted for hands as that’s the normal way Japanese eat their sushi in Japan and it’s less cumbersome as sometimes, if I use chopstix, the sushi may fall apart and I don’t want them to drop on the ground. Then, Chef provided us both with hand towel so we can wipe our hands clean before beginning the Omakase experience.

Below was what we each ate for the Omaskase Experience:

Chef Eugene has great energy and personality to entertain the guests while serving the sushi. Furthermore, he is very passionate and knowledgeable with the fresh fishes and seafood flying straight from Japan daily. He added some of his good culinary twist to the sushi with the use of special garnish, herbs and other unique ingredient.

Every piece was special but my favourite ones were bluefin tuna cheeks sushi, Kobe beef sushi, snowcrab meat sushi & sea urchin handroll.

Many restaurants will charge you a specific tier pricing for your Omakase experience and offer you a number of pieces based on what you are willing to pay. For example, a typical Omakase restaurant may charge you $180 CDN + tax per person for 12 pieces of sushi with the fresh seafood and fishes at a more affordable pricing. They may also have another high-end Omakase pricing where a person is being charged $250 CDN + tax per person for more fancy and unique fishes.

At Blue Bovine, Chef Eugene mentioned to us that you can let him know what’s your budget for the evening. If you feel like $200 CDN per person, he will create an Omakase experience based on the $200 CDN per person. If you feel like you want to eat higher end fishes or seafood and you want pieces, your budget is $500 CDN per person, then Chef Eugene will provide a more divine Omakase experience for you.

Overall, Chef Eugene said the ballpark per person for the Omakase ranges from $300 to $1000 CDN + tax per person.

If you are interested in booking for the special 4-seater Omakase Experience, be sure to contact @bluebovine to make a reservation.

Blue Bovine Steak + Sushi House (Inside Union Station) – Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Located in: Union Station Toronto
Address: 65 Front St W Unit 108, Toronto, ON M5J 1E3
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