(On the MOVE) with 2020 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Limited Edition AWD – Explore & Discover [Ontario Travel Series]


As many of you know me by now, I am ALWAYS on the MOVE. This week, I am driving the 2020 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Limited Edition AWD to roam around different places in Ontario.

And as part of my travel segment “Ontario Travel Series“, check out the places and photos that I have visited and explored while driving this Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross. Perhaps my visit to these places/events will give you inspiration to explore and experience yourself with your loved ones! Enjoy!

The 2020 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Limited Edition AWD was provided by Mitsubishi Canada so that I can be On the MOVE to explore Ontario. However, as always, the opinions expressed in this post is entirely my own.

First up, let’s roam around the downtown Toronto area. I know not every person has a vehicle to drive out of the downtown core and visit the suburbs. But that’s ok, places such as the Cherry Beach Clarke Beach Park and Cherry Beach Sports Field are beautiful places within close proximity to the downtown core. They are both spacious and with a relaxing beautiful view.

Cherry Beach Clarke Beach Park – Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Website: www.toronto.ca/data/parks
Address: 1 Cherry St, Toronto, ON
Phone: (416) 338-4386

Cherry Beach Clarke Beach Park, although I don’t understand why someone will name a place with the word “beach” being used twice. Anyhow, this is a cool spot. Before the pandemic, I used to visit this park even more as I will go to the TnT grocery store near the area, then, I will drive over and chill at this park for about half an hour and then head over to cook dinner. I don’t know how many peeps know this place, but I first discovered it by driving and explore around the area. This is a cool spot especially it’s being surrounded by industrial buildings and it wasn’t visible with no signs around the park, so that’s what makes this park even more special.

As I checked out the park with the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, the park still remains so beautiful. Nice breeze and watching people sunbathing, sailing, swimming and just chilling. I recommend you to check this place out on a weekday afternoon. There are less people and tons of parking spots located on both sides of the entrance. I enjoyed it very much. People seem to be maintaining physical distancing and creating their own spaces throughout the beach, so that’s a good sign. There is also a TTC bus stop right at the turning circle of the park, so if you don’t have a vehicle, it’s still possible for you to get to this beach.

Cherry Beach Sports Fields – Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Website: www.toronto.ca/data/parks
Address: 275 Unwin Ave, Toronto, ON M5A 3K8
Phone: (416) 367-4359

Located close to the Cherry Beach Clarke Beach Park is this Cherry Beach Sports Fields. What I like about this hidden gem is that it has a nice green soccer field for people to play soccer and there is also a children’s playground area. Before COVID-19 days, soccer teams will book this place and play soccer. There are bleachers, ample of parking spots and the smoke stack became a nice backdrop for taking photos.

When I came here with the Eclipse Cross, the place felt quiet. There weren’t any soccer teams during this pandemic. The children’s playground was blocked off during COVID-19. But if you just want to sit around the bleachers, stare at the smoke stack and just enjoy a nice sunny day with nice breeze, this is a good spot within the city.

Annina’s Bakeshop & Catering
Website: www.AnninasBakeShop.com
Address: 300 Durham Regional Hwy 47, Goodwood, ON L0C 1A0
Phone: (905) 640-0691

Any one of you a big fan of the Canadian hit tv show “Schitt’s Creek“? I am one of the big fan and they just recently received a record breaking 7 Emmys awards for its final season. Congrats! And one of the main character, Alexa (played by Annie Murphy) recently told the media that she went back to Goodwood, Ontario to take a walk and enjoyed some nice butter tarts sold at Annina’s Bakeshop & Catering.

(Photo Credit: gem.CBC.com)

Since my parents live just about 25 minutes drive from Goodwood, Ontario, I have decided to make a run with the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross. There were many tables and chairs outside the patio area at Annina’s, so patrons can enjoy the outdoors while maintaining physical distancing. The inside of the building is beautiful and gorgeous. I was impressed with how many fresh pastries, cakes, sandwiches and other items were available at Annina’s. But I had to stay disciplined and ordered strictly just butter tarts.

There were all types of butter tarts for purchase. I ordered the Apple & Caramel butter tarts; SKOR butter tarts, Peanut Butter Chocolate butter tarts and the Pecan butter tarts. I have to admit, Annie Murphy knows her stuff, these butter tarts were fresh and delicious (and I ain’t even a dessert or sugar lover, but I luv these tarts!). It was worth my drive to come here. In particular, the Apple & Caramel butter tarts is a MUST ORDER!

After trying the butter tarts at Annina’s, I highly recommend you to take a short walk around the various filming locations that were part of “Schitt’s Creek”. The Bob’s Garage, Cafe Tropical, Rose Apothecary, the Town Hall, Ronan & Jocelyn’s house. They are all located in proximity in one section of the area right across Annina’s.

NOTE: Due to the success of the Schitt’s Creek, many peeps are visiting the area, this is a small town and we are currently still dealing with a pandemic. So, be mindful and respectful to your surroundings. Remember, many of these filming locations are private properties. Be respectful, don’t intrude anyone’s property. You can easily take a photo with the buildings on the road and from afar (especially our smartphones these days are so high tech).

Tourism Barrie – Barrie, Ontario, Canada
Website: www.TourismBarrie.com
Address: 205 Lakeshore Dr, Barrie, ON L4N 7Y9
Phone: (705) 739-9444

Barrie, Ontario is a beautiful town. I have a number of buddies who live here. The downtown Barrie, in particular, has lots to see and it’s a beautiful walk along the waterfront. In particular, I highly recommend you to check out the Tourism Barrie website to research what interests you and what you would like to explore and experience. Or…you can visit the actual building of the Tourism Barrie to get more INFO while you are there in Barrie.

Spirit Catcher – Barrie, Ontario, Canada
Address: 15 Lakeshore Dr, Barrie, ON L4N 6T4
Artist: Ron Baird
Created: 1986
Phone: (705) 721-9696

The Spirit Catcher is a sculpture that is located right at the heart of the downtown Barrie, Ontario. It was originally created by sculptor Ron Baird and this has become a landmark in Barrie. This is a great way for us to learn more about the indigenous culture and history in this particular area.

Northwinds Farm Gate Store – Barrie, Ontario, Canada
Website: www.instagram.com/Northwinds_Farm_Dalston
Address: 1742 Penetanguishene Rd,
Phone: (705) 727-0461

Want to buy some fresh produce and enjoy the farming experience? You can get fresh eggs, vegetables and other goodies at Northwind Farm Gate Store, which is located in the town of Dalston, Ontario, very close to Barrie, Ontario. In fact, during our visit, they were hosting a barn sale. Honestly, I have never been to a barn sale, so I decided to check it out. All the goodies were put on sale in its old barn, which added an even more cooler experience. There were so many old ancient classic farm equipment and tools that are still workable or functional if someone knows how to make some minor repairs.

Chelsea Chocolates – Barrie, Ontario, Canada
Website: www.ChelseaChocolates.com
Address: 3471 Penetanguishene Rd, Barrie, ON L4M 4Y8
Phone: (705) 725-9210

As I was wondering what gifts to buy for a friend who just recently have a baby. My buddy suggested me to check out Chelsea Chocolates. It’s an award winning chocolate shop and it has so many variety of chocolates from different price range. I have to tell you, I am not a chocolate or sweet tooth person, but the chocolate that I purchased were so fresh and tasty. They make their chocolates in-house which is a major plus for fresh chocolates.

During this pandemic, ONLY 1 customer is allowed to enter into the store section and make their purchases. Only when the customer finishes his/her purchase can the next person comes into store. This is much appreciated with this safety protocols. To top that, everyone wears a mask inside and hand sanitizer is provided at the entrance section.

Thorganic Farms
Website: www.ThorganicFarms.ca
Address: 7030 10th Line, Thornton, ON L0L 2N0
Phone: (705) 791-3247

Barrie, Ontario is an agricultural town. There are tons of farms. Many locals will drive around to different farms to purchase the freshest produce. Moreover, people know each other around the area, it’s also good to chat a little bit to ensure everyone is safe and well. I also think it’s a great way to shop and support local businesses.

At Thorganic Farms, they sell a wide variety of fresh meat produce. From ribeye steaks to tomahawk steaks to bacon, sausages and more. We bought some nice ribeye steak for dinner.

Elmvale Jungle Zoo – Barrie, Ontario, Canada
Website: www.ElmvaleJungleZoo.com
Address: 14191 Simcoe County Rd 27, Phelpston, ON L0L 2K0
Opened: 1967
Phone: (705) 322-1112

Honestly, I have never heard of Elmvale Jungle Zoo prior to this road trip to Barrie, Ontario. I only know about the Toronto Zoo and the African Lion Safari. Elmvale Jungle Zoo has been in the business for many many years and although it’s not as big as the other well-known zoo, there are still many animals to see and spend a day with your loved ones.

During the pandemic, people have to purchase tickets online ahead of time. Everyone is asked to wear masks and abide to the safety measures from the Elmvale Jungle Zoo. I saw some nice flamingos and nice donkeys during our visit.

Do you live in Barrie, Ontario? Perhaps you are very familiar with Barrie, Ontario that you have any recommendations or hidden gems that you would like to share with me so I can share with my followers?


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