Pagani Huayra Italian Super Car at TIFF



One of the special night, as I was attending the party that happened at the Ritz Carlton during TIFF13, I happened to saw a rare super car on display. It was located at the front patio of the Bowie Table. It was the Italian Super Car, Pagani Huayra, that is priced at $1.8M. Pagani Huayra is the newest model replacing the long-running Pagani Zonda. Huayra is powered by a twin-turbo V12 AMG engine that produces 730hp, topping 230 mph.

The gull-wing, hand-made interior, carbon-fiber car was there on display! I got to sat in it too, the moment I gripped the special shaped steering wheel, I just imagined what’s it like to drive it on the AutoBahn of Germany. LOL.

Such a beautiful piece of machine. It was a memorable great night at the party with friends. One of my favourite memories at TIFF.

Check out the amazing photos below.



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