Primitive Designs – Artistic Retail Gift Shop – Port Hope, Ontario, Canada [ONTARIO TRAVEL SERIES]


When visiting the town of Port Hope, one of the MUST VISIT places has to be the Primitive Designs. It’s not your typical landmark or historical building that makes this place so special, it’s basically a store that sells all kinds of unique artwork and decorations for your home.

But what makes it a MUST VISIT are the artistic artwork made from old car parts. It’s amazing how the owners and their staff can transform unwanted car parts into something more interesting and artsy.

Artwork such as Optimus Prime and Bumble Bee from the Transformers, or Dragons from Game of Thrones and how about the 2019 NBA Champions, the Toronto Raptors?

Surely, it’s a show stopper and lots of people who drove by just simply had to make a detour to check this store out. There are so many unique wooden tables, chairs and other interesting items that you would normally not found in any other stores.

Primitive Designs
Address: 2762 Northumberland County Rd 28, Port Hope, ON L1A 3V6
Phone: (905) 885-7516



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