Raptors Are Legit! They Crushed the Golden State Warriors 113-93


(Photo Credit: Yahoo Sports)

After the Toronto Raptors crushed the Golden State Warriors by a score of 113-93 last night, I have now officially declared that the Raptors are LEGIT! They can play on the big stage with the big boys!

The Raptors led the Warriors by 23 points entering the 4th quarter and the Warriors Coach Steve Kerr waved a “white flag” and pulled its starters with 5 minutes left in the game coz it’s too much to claw back into the game.

I am super proud of the Raptors victory vs Warriors for a number of reasons.

  • Raptors led by 23pts coming into the 4th quarter
  • Raptors beat the Warriors despite Golden State have Green, Curry, Durant & Klay Thompson in the starting lineup
  • Raptors beat the Warriors without Kawhi Leonard in the lineup and Jonas Valanciunas half way through the game with a right thumb injury
  • Raptors won on a back-to-back nights and they won this on the road
  • They held Steph Curry to only 10 points

Look out! Raptors is now 2-0 vs the Warriors! Toronto is legit & they can play with anybody!

NOTE: RIP to Nick Nurse’s mom, who passed away this week. Nick, however, decided to coach both games against the Clippers and the Warriors. Both are victories. These 2 wins are for you Nick’s mom. You should be proud to have a good son and a good coach! Thank you for overlooking out for our Raptors!

MoVernie Fun Fact: Can you believe this? The Raptors have not won a game in Golden State since 2004!!!!! That’s a long time, glad they won last night to break the odd streak.

I am hopeful that the Raptors will meet the Warriors again in the NBA Finals! Go Raptors!

(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)


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