Raptors DeMar DeRozan Autograph Session at Future Shop


Raptors All-Star DeMar DeRozan loves Toronto alot. He always find time to meet and greet his fans despite the heavy loaded NBA schedule. Two months ago, he launched a book reading program, donating 3,000 books that were distributed to students from low income areas in and around Toronto as part of the Demar DeRozan All-Star Book Program.

Yesteray, DeMar and his sponsors, Klipsch (famous for headphones) were on hand at the Future Shop, Dundas Square location, met and greeted his fans. Some of them actually started lining up in the cold since 6 am in the morning. They couldn’t get a wristband ahead of time and walk around, they had to stay at the line until the autograph session at 4:30pm. That’s respect to those guys! They waited and got excited. Although they got their items autographed, they were a bit disappointed that the organizer couldn’t allow them to pose a photo with DeMar. Nevertheless, they told me it was still worth their time to see All-Star DeMar especially the Raptors are heading into the playoffs. Check out the photo I took of these guys, they deserve a shoutout from me for their dedication of staying outside in the cold for such a long periods of time.

One thing I noticed about DeMar is how much he loves his family. Everywhere and every time there is a public event, he will always bring along his wife, Kiara and his daughter. It’s always nice to see a family man in DeMar!

Below are some photos of the DeMar DeRozan Autograph Signing.

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These guys lined up at 6 am and waited til 4:30 pm just to meet DeMar! Die-hard Raptorsfans that deserve my shoutout!


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