Raptors Playoff Game #2 – Reasons Why They Won The Game


It was a great victory for the Toronto Raptors and a monkey off all star DeMar DeRozan’s back for Playoff Game #2. I was at the game and let me tell you, ACC was electrifying once again!

Here are the points that I think were the reasons that led to a Raptors Playoff Victory:

1) Raptors players were more calm and fought off the nerves to start the game, which was completely different from playoff game #1 where they were clearly nervous.

2) Raptors were playing their game of basketball, instead of playing into the Nets’ style of game that was evident in game 1. Raptors were moving their feet, providing more pick and rolls, more ball movement and more dynamic on the floor instead of just standing around.

3) Terrence Ross didn’t foul out early, so he can guard Joe Johnson or Deron Williams.

4) Coach Casey made the right move by using Landry Fields as his go-to bench guy instead of the aging John Salmons who clearly wasn’t the answer to guard Joe Johnson or Deron Williams. Landry played great defense and grabbed some key rebounds.

5) DeMar DeRozan’s 30 points performance was a great monkey off his back. He clearly made adjustments. This time, he knew he will be double or triple team. He mixed up his game, driving to the paint and draw fouls as well have taking some more simplistic jumpers.

6) Amir Johnson came back with a strong game both offensively and defensively.

Let me know what you think of the game and who surprised you the most at this game.

Check out the photos that I took during Raptors Playoff Game #2 below.



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