Reflect, Appreciate, Thankful & Grateful About Our Lives During This Coronavirus (COVID-19) Crisis


Nobody wants pandemic. No one wants to sit at home and getting scare the shit out of ourselves to stay away from each other during this Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. No one does, but we all have a role and do our part as a community to self-isolate ourselves to stop this virus from spreading.

Anyhow, I think while we are staying at home during this Coronavirus Crisis, we should utilize this opportunity to reflect our lives, to be thankful and grateful of our lives. I did some reflections. I made new goals, new visions and new directions for my live. As I reflect, I am thankful and grateful of what I have in lives.

As a community, everyone always act like we are super busy, we have no time to talk to our family and friends. We are busy with our work, we are busy going out. But as we stay at home, I think everyone begins to realize that we aren’t always necessary that busy. We should spend more time with our loved ones, talk to our family and friends (do a call or video chats).  I started to realize that we are back to simpler lives, back to basics, buying groceries, buying hygiene products and supplies are more important right now. I do miss my sashimi, I do miss eating out, but this is the reality, I am appreciative my rare time spending at home. I realized there are lots of frozen food in my freezer that I never realize is in my fridge. I am munching on snacks that I never realized I have in my kitchen. LOL

I also start cleaning out my closet and realized there are lots of gift bags that I received from VIP events that I put aside and didn’t have a chance to check out. For example, I was checking out this gift bag and turned out I have 2 mini hand sanitizers from Spy Museum in Washington, DC. Do you know how valuable and useful to have hand sanitizers right now? Thank you Spy Museum, you deserve my shoutout.

It’s also a perfect time to do some spring cleaning of your room. I cleaned out my closet and realized there were a bunch of clothes that no longer fits me or I know that I won’t be wearing them in my fashion rotation. So, I have folded them and put them into bags. Once social hugging is allowed, I will donate these clothes to charity organization. It’s a win-win, I have a less cluttered closet and I can give back to the communities. I highly recommend you to do the same.

I encourage my peeps should utilize this opportunity to reflect, to appreciate and be thankful and grateful of their current lives. It’s time to set new goals, new visions and new directions.


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