Remembrance Day Canadian Marching Band – November 11 (Fort York) – Toronto, Ontario, Canada


November 11 is a very important date in Canada every year. It’s Remembrance Day. On the 11th day of 11th month at time 11:11, Canadians recognize and remember those fallen soldiers who served and protected this beautiful country called “Canada”. Of course, we are also here to thank the current Canadian military staff for their services to continue to protect this country.

In the past, whenever I can, I will walk to Old City Hall to pay my tribute and say my thanks on Remembrance Day.

Today, as I walked over to the Coronation Park, which is located across Fort York, the military base, a big group of marching band and Canadian military forces were presence for a Remembrance Ceremony and Parade to remember those who had sacrificed their lives for us.

The Canadian military forces wore red and with a big black tall hat that resemblances those wear by the British guards from the United Kingdom.

Speeches were made during this Remembrance Ceremony, followed by the marching band and military forces marching along the Coronation Park and marched back to their base at Fort York. I have not seen something like this, so this is my 1st.

Thank you for all the Canadian military forces for your service and your dedication in protecting this country.

THANK YOU! Lest We Forget!


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