Salmon Migration Watching – Port Hope, Ontario, Canada [ONTARIO TRAVEL SERIES]


September is a month where salmon migration happens. In particular, Port Hope, Ontario is “THE PERFECT PLACE” to watch salmon migration. During this Port Hope Press Trip, we got a chance to witness the salmon migration in person.

Salmon migration can be viewed along the Ganaraska River in Port Hope, Ontario. You could basically drive along the roads near the river, and you could basically spot the salmons. During this spawning season, you will have no difficulty spotting the fishes.

However, I do recommend you to check out the salmon in action at the Corbett’s Dam, it’s a dam where the salmons will exert lots of its energy to try to jump into the side entrance (fish ladder) in order to swim upstream to spawn. Fishing experts told me that salmons who swam as far as in the southern border of United States swam all the way up to Port Hope to spawn.

To be honest, salmon spawning isn’t an easy task. Salmons have to use a lot of its energy to fight against the current and swim as upstream as possible to lay their eggs. This is part of the nature as it believes the upstream will stop other animals from eating and taking away their eggs, the current temperature and speed are calm and perfect conditions for spawning. All these hard work is to lay the foundation for its future generation. Many salmons won’t make it to spawn as they don’t have the stamina to swim upstream. However, the strongest salmons will out swim other fishes and have the hops to get into the fish ladder to spawn. The survival of the fittest is evident here.

Some fishermen will stand at the mid-stream of the river trying to catch some of these salmons. Also, when salmon dies after failing to swim upstream, some good hearted fisherman take out the fish roe inside the dying salmons and bring it upstream and leave them into the upstream river to the roe can spawn into new generations of salmon.

There was a parking lot for cars to park but when it’s peak season with tourists, there isn’t enough parking spaces for everyone. But no worries, there are lots of spaces along the road that you can safely park. And best part? It’s FREE!

The moment we arrived at the Corbett’s Dam, I was surprised how busy and many tourists were around the dam. I could smell the salmon from the river, but then again, I have strong senses, LOL. It’s quite interesting to watch salmon watching and also educational for us and especially for the children to learn and understand the chapter of “Survival of the Fittest” and how hard fishes have to do to spawn and respecting and appreciating nature.

If you never witness salmon migration before, I highly recommend you make a trip to Port Hope and experience at least once in a life time.

If you want to know the fishing rules and guidelines, please click here.

Remember to respect our nature, our environment, our natural habitats so we and our future generations can appreciate our planet. Thank you!

Corbett’s Dam
Direction: To find the fish ladder, follow these GPS co-ordinates: 43o58’10.7”N78o17’44.5”W or exit Hwy 401 at exit 464. Proceed to Jocelyn Street, turn right and follow it until you meet the river. (as found on the Visit Port Hope website).

Port Hope, Ontario (Canada)
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Special thank you to the Municipality of Port Hope and Tourism of Port Hope for having us and for arranging this press trip.

The content for this Port Hope Press Trip was supported by Municipality of Port Hope and Tourism of Port Hope. However, as always, the opinions expressed in this post is entirely my own.


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