IPW 18: Denver Milk Market, Denver Colorado – An Unique Concept Dining Experience


During IPW 18 in Denver, Colorado, I was invited to a Visit Colorado Event. This event was by far 1 of my favourite events during IPW 18. Why? Coz I love food and drinks and this event was held at a brand new eatery place called “Denver Milk Market“. The best part? This venue was not even open to the public during our visit during May of 2018. It was specifically opened to the journalists & IPW 18 attendees before it’s open to the public. Of course, it’s now fully open and operable to its customers.

Denver Milk Market is an all-local with a good mix of vendors that is run by Colorado chef Frank Bonanno (the culinary minds behind 10 of Denver’s finest restaurants and drinking establishments). This place serves different ethnic foods and drinks.You can either dine-in or take-out, whatever works for you. Basically, you found a table at this venue, each of your friends or family member can roam around different vendors, order and pay for their food and gather around like a food hall. This unique concept of food hall is picking up steam and it’s the next new trend. I have seen it in my home city, Toronto, we have an Assembly Chef’s Hall, featuring 17 vendors of food and drinks. When I was on the Visit Florida Press Trip visiting Tampa, we went to the Hall on Franklin, same concept. When I was in San Diego, I visited the Little Italy Food Hall“. Everywhere I go, this is a successful concept. That’s coz everyone nowadays have standards and have a high expectations on the quality of their food and drinks.

People started to want to have a more casual and less formal dining setting but still being able to enjoy good food and drinks. I often like to describe this concept more like a “High End Food Court“. Prices are higher for the food BUT…..you get what you pay for. A delicious high culinary skilled plate of food prepared by high quality chefs. Best part? There is always something for everyone. If someone likes sushi, they can get sushi. If someone is vegan or someone want gluten free meal, they can find something that they like, yet, everyone can still converge into one dining table and enjoy a meal and having a good time with good company.

Denver Milk Market
Website: www.DenverMilkMarket.com
Address: 1800 Wazee St #100, Denver, CO 80202, USA
Phone: +1 303-792-8242

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This Denver Milk Market Event and the incredible IPW 18 experience were provided by Visit Colorado and U.S. Travel Association’s IPW. However, as always, the opinions expressed in this post is entirely my own.


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