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Scotia iTrade - Sustainable Investing

A few weeks ago, I was invited by the Scotia iTRADE Team to attend its “Sustainable Investing” Exclusive VIP Private Event that was held at its new Scotia Plaza Conference Centre.

So…what is “Sustainable Investing”? You can click here to find out more. And this was what this private exclusive event was all about. It’s an opportunity for investors/clients of Scotia iTRADE to learn more about Canada’s first Sustainable Investing Tools created by Scotia iTRADE, so it’s quite exclusive. Who doesn’t want first dip on information that helps the investors be more informed and to make better decisions on their investments?

The private event was held at the new Scotia Plaza Conference Centre. In case you don’t know where Scotia Plaza is, it’s located at 40 King Street West, right at the heart of the financial district (Bay/King). As we walked into the financial building, we saw a sign that guided us how to get to the conference centre. Thank goodness there were signage coz this Scotia Plaza building is huge and there were many different departments. Then again, it must be huge since this is the Scotiabank headquarter.

Scotia iTrade - Sustainable InvestingWe took the escalator up and it’s located on the 2nd floor of the building. It looked very modern, high ceiling and very open space concept. I could see the main lobby and also lots of glass bay windows that I could see the Conference Centre through the glass windows. As we walked further inside, there was an entrance area with a big Scotiabank signage and the counter. The friendly staff welcomed us. Then we walked in further and saw a registration desk, this was where we picked up our name tags. The friendly staff greeted us with smiles and suggested us to drop off our business cards so we have a chance to win one of 5 prizes to dine at Sursur Lee’s restaurant, which is a well-known chef in the world.

Hors d’oeuvres, wine and other cocktails were served. As we strolled around, this space was just amazing! Super high ceiling, super bright as natural light was able to penetrate through the glass sky windows on the roof. Stairs leading to a 3rd floor of the building. The super huge TV (actually, more like a jumbotron) on the centre wall. It’s the focal point, you can’t miss that.

Scotia iTrade - Sustainable InvestingWashrooms are located inside this event space. I was walking around and mixed and mingled with a number of attendees. Many of them were invited by Scotia iTRADE and are loyal Scotia iTRADE customers. They wanted to learn more about the “Sustainable Investing” tools and wanted to see what it is and how it can assist them with their investing decisions with the information provided solely to the Scotia iTRADE customers. They also want to learn from the experts on the speakers’ panel at this private event.

Scotia iTrade - Sustainable InvestingAfter an hour or so, we were guided into a nice presentation room that was part of the Conference Centre. So, basically, they can host an event out in the open space, while having the peace and quiet to host a presentation in the audio proof room. Sitting on the panel were Simon MacMahon, Executive Vice President of Research, Sustainalytics and Mark Phillips, Managing Director, Scotia iTRADE.

Scotia iTrade - Sustainable InvestingThe presentation room was jam packed with attendees. Both Simon and Mark touched on many topics and shared their insights and expertise on the importance of sustainable investing and ESG. During the Q&A, I was impressed with the large number of attendees who had interesting and thoughtful questions to ask Simon and Mark. At the end of the panel, 5 lucky winners got to bring a guest with each of them to dine at Sursur Lee’s restaurant. Not bad, they won a good grand prize, got to learn more about Scotia iTRADE Sustainable Investing Tools and a great evening mingling with other investors and an enjoyable evening with food and drinks.

Scotia iTrade - Sustainable Investing

I wonder when is the next “Seminar Series” coz I would like to attend. Thank you Scotia iTRADE Team for having us. It was an eye opener for me and as my peeps all know, I am ALWAYS on the MOVE, covering the best events and hottest spots in Toronto and around the world. And best yet, I am always learning new things and educate myself, coz the world we are living in….it’s always spinning and always moving, we got to continue to enjoy life and also continue to self-learning.

If you want to open an account with Scotia iTRADE, learn more about Sustainable Investing or perhaps sign up its newsletters to know when is the next private event, click here.

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