Scotiabank Buskerfest 2013 – Yonge Street


During lunchtime today, we wanted to get some fresh air so we decided to abandon the PATH and walked on the ground level. As we walked towards the north direction, towards the Eaton Centre, we saw the street was blocked. It was the Scotiabank Buskerfest. I recalled the Buskerfest was located near the St. Lawrence Market in the past. But I guess with its recent years of success and exposure, the festival gets bigger and requires more space. The Buskerfest stretches from Yonge/Queen to as far as Yonge/College and this is a great decision to have it at Yonge Street now.

Today is such a great day to walk outside, it’s a warm and sunny day. There is something for everyone at the Buskerfest; with silent comedy and slapstick, daredevils and magicians, high skill circus acts and a wide variety of music, clowns, contortionists, acrobats, aerialists, puppets, fire and other cool stuff.

On top of that, there are tons of cool booths and food vendors everywhere. Torandoes potatoe chips? Blooming Onions? There are much much more cool food items to fill your tummy!

As we were walking on the street, suddenly I heard some noise, there were 3 dinosaurs looking creatures walking beside me, they were huge and were guided by a leader! LOL. They gave me a good taste of what’s it was like back in the Jurassic era when dinosaurs were everywhere.

Buskerfest is not only entertaining, it’s FREE Admission and it also is one event that is in support of Epilepsy Toronto. You can donate your loose change or donate as much as you want and enjoy this festival.

Buskerfest runs from August 22 to 25, which means……., the festival has just started, come out tonight, tomorrow until this Sunday!

Click here for more Buskerfest information.

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