Sexapalooza Toronto 2014


Sexapalooza runs from February 28-March 2, 2014, which means, you still got time to check this show out today (Sunday), which opens from 12 pm to 6pm.

In case you wonder, what is Sexapalooza?

As the Sexapalooza official website sums it up, Sexapalooza is a unique, upscale adult consumer show and shopping experience that has been growing and expanding since 2007. Marketed to women and couples, Sexapalooza offers a safe yet titillating environment dedicated to entertaining and educating you on all aspects of sex and sexuality. Enjoy fantastic stage shows and learn new sex ‘how tos’ and tips at our seminars given by professionals in the adult industry. Don’t forget that you’ll be shopping for great deals and the newest, hottest toys and products to continue the Sexapalooza experience.”

As our crew decided to cover this special event last night (thanks to some of my twitter followers who told me about this event and suggested me to cover it), the show provides various exhibits and performances for everyone from all demographics and sexuality. There were vendors that sells sex toys, sex clubs promoting their venues, new sex gadgets, sexy lingerie and other outfits. There were performances that range from Belly Dancing, Burlesque Dancing, Fashion  Shows, Bondage Demo, Educational Videos & Seminars and much much more.

We came with an open mind and brought our curiosities with us. It’s quite an eye opener. There were stuff that I had never seen before and it was quite interesting. As media, we got to chat and interviewed with many vendors, performers, the showgoers and got more information out of them about their experiences at Sexapalooza. The show ended at midnight and as dedicated, hardworking press, we stayed to the end and we were still chatting with various cool people at the show. We definitely got a great amount of content that we will share with everyone in our later blogs and publications. Stay tuned!

For those who are on the fence or unsure of attending this show, let me assure you that this show is a classy show. Everyone is very professional, there are lots of experts there to provide you with educational information and Q & A seminars that you can ask questions to improve your sex lives and other topics about sex. The show has created a very comfortable environment where everyone is very chill, relax, calm and comfortable discussing various topics that you may not normally do in a public setting. The vibe is just so right that you just want to chat and explore.

As the Sexapalooza slogan indicates, “Explore, Excite & Enjoy“! And I am sure our crew and many showgoers had achieved that!

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Click here to check out the Sexapalooza website! You still have time to check it out today as it runs from 12 pm to 6 pm, located at International Centre, Entrance 6 (FREE parking around the building). With freezing cold weather outside, you will appreciate the warm lust air at this hot show!

Check out the photos below!

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