Should Raptors Kyle Lowry Get Traded? Let Him Decide His Own Fate


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As the NBA trading deadline is getting closer (this week on Thursday, March 25), the rumours about Toronto Raptors Kyle Lowry is getting traded is also heating up. There are tons of rumours out there. In particular, media are speculating that the Philadelphia 76ers, Miami Heat, Los Angeles Clippers are major players who want Lowry’s service.

Anyhow, in my opinion, Kyle Lowry has earned his elite status with the Raptors that he should decide his own fate. If he wishes to be traded to a contender and go for another run for the NBA Championship, let him do that. If he wishes to stay with the team and finish the season (despite we won’t get any players in return), let it be. Kyle has been the longest serving Raptors on the current roster and he had brought us a championship back in 2019. He brought us the biggest price, he earns to decide what he wants to do. Whatever he wants to do, I am ok with it.

My Opinion: Let Kyle Decide His Own Fate

But if you have to ask me what my opinion is? I think it makes sense that he gets traded. That’s coz Kyle can go to another contender and have a chance to win another NBA title. And we will receive some assets back to help our team grow and develop with our main core of players.

There is absolutely no point for Kyle to stay with our team. Our team is just not good enough to go deep in the playoffs. With the current losing streak, our team may not even be good enough to get into the playoffs. I don’t like being mediocre. Before this season begins, I have already understand that losing Serge Ibaka would be a huge problem, I expect this year to be a trying season. That’s ok, as long as Coach Nick Nurse grow as a coach and our young players get a chance to play and develop.

Sometimes, we just need to see the bigger picture. It’s ok we are not good enough. We can always get a top pick in the draft. Sign a few key free agents during the off season and continue to develop our young players so we can reload and go deep into the playoffs in the near future. We just have to take the hit sometimes and hope for a better future.

Anyhow, at the end of the day, it’s Kyle’s decision. The Raptors management should discuss with Kyle and ask him what he wants. If Kyle wants to leave and there is a good trade on the table and he is being shipped to a contender, the Raptors should do it. Getting anything in return is good with me. Ideally, I would like to see a young, up and coming player that can build along with our core. A first round pick would be nice.

Trading Kyle wouldn’t be that bad at all, it gives Fred VanVleet a chance to take over as the leader of the starting PG, let Nick Nurse and the rest of the guys run the game and set plays. Perhaps give Malachi Flynn a good hard look of what he is capable of doing.

If Kyle is getting traded this week, this maybe your last chance to watch Kyle in a Toronto Raptors uniform. I wish him all the best and I thank him for his service as a Toronto Raptors!

NOTE: Raptors will play against the Denver Nuggets on Wednesday, March 24th in Tampa. This maybe the last game Kyle is playing in a Toronto uniform, so if you have time, go watch him play!

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