Spoilers – Game of Thrones Episode 8


by Shaf



He could’ve just killed him when he had the chance…


He was one of my favorite characters too.

The Red Viper of Dorne…two thumbs into his eyeballs and then head smooshed into bits and pieces.

You cocky SOB…you could’ve lived a life of whoring around and endless orgies. But nooo

Anyways. I’m calmm. I’m calm.

So let’s recap what happened in this weeks episode of Game of Thrones:

Oberyn Martell gets his head smooshed.

This Guy

This Guy

There, done.

But R.R. Martin is known to pull a fast one under your feet each time something good is about to happen.

I guess that’s what makes it interesting. A bit of man soap opera gives GOT the kind of kick very few shows deliver.

Not only do you feel a sense of loss but you’re left with an impeding sense of danger for Tyrion as his lifeline deminishes to 0.

And then what…


You’re left with another 7 days of pondering Tyrion’s fate before the next episode airs.

I should mention a bit about Jorah and his betrayal to Khaleesi in this episode

But nobody cares about Jorah

Do you?

I didn’t think so.

So yeah, back to my point

The question on everyone’s mind now is “Will Tyrion die?”


Don’t think so. The Gods of Westeros gave Tyrion more lives than the weed growing on your front lawn. Think of all the ways he could’ve died up until today…

Hasn’t happened yet.

So fear not fans, I’d bet the coins of Iron Bank that Tyrion will last a bit longer. This horse hasn’t finished his race just yet…



  1. sexy mcsexerton on

    Price Oberyn Martel is from Dorne (not Dawn), and Jorah actually runs into one of the characters mentioned in this blog ;). I can’t wait for next week’s episode… Someone important always dies in the 9th one. The books can be a little dry at points, but the excitement in other pages is totally worth it! Plus, you get to feel the characters’emotions, which is a little difficult when watching the show (e.g. when Sansa is building Winterfell out of snow – the feels man… The feels)

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