Spring Wine All-Day Tour at Niagara-on-the-Lake – iYellow Wine Club

Earth Day was here last Friday on April 22, 2016 and how do we celebrate and embrace mother nature?  We  drink wine!
How do we do that? Well….MoVernie & his
guest got invited by iYellow Wine Club and spent the entire Saturday on a
spring wine tour in the Niagara-on-the-lake region. This was my first time
joining this iYellow Wine Tour but I heard a lot of great things from my
industry peeps who had participated this tour in the past. So, I was excited knowing this tour would be an awesome adventurous experience. And it didn’t disappoint, it was a worth while tour.
In case you want to know more about
iYellow Wine Club, it is a social club where members taste + learn + meet. This
club organizes events throughout the year to allow wine lovers to meet and
mingle with other wine lovers. Tutorials and classes are also available for
members to learn more about wine from all parts of the world, how wines are being made in different regions and also how to appreciate the
taste, the flavour and the aroma from these different wines. There are a
number of events with different themes for members to participate, such as wines from Germany, wines from Argentina, wines from California, etc.
The people who run iYellow Wine Club are
knowledgeable people with a true passion about wines. They will teach
their members the etiquette of wine tasting, the proper way to appreciate and
intake various wines and boosting their confidence when attending gala and
other important functions. iYellow Wine Club definitely fills the void that has
been lacking in Toronto, which is providing a meeting place to allow wine lovers to mix and mingle
and learn more about wine.
So…I was told that every year, iYellow
Wine Club hosted a number of wine tours that brings members to various wineries
in the Niagara-on-the-lake regions. I got to say, we are very fortunate that
Ontario is a region that offers the type of land and weather that can produce
good wine. In the Niagara-on-the-lake region, there are many wineries. Each
tour, iYellow will select a handful of wineries to visit.
This past weekend, the theme was
“Spring Wine”, it kicked off the first wine tour of the season.
And to celebrate Earth Day, the emphasis of this wine tour will also focus on
the technology and wine making methods that wineries employ to reduce pollution
and minimize damages to nature.
A group of us (close to 35-40 people) met
at the tour bus pickup location near the iYellow Wine Club Headquarter, which
is near Queen Street West and University Avenue. It is a great location as it’s
conveniently located in the downtown core, accessible by TTC subway (St.
Patrick Station), street car, bicycle, taxi, Uber or drive and park your car at
the nearest Green P.


The tour bus was a comfy ride that provides
audio music, air condition/heat and washroom. Before we hop on, we met the iYellow Wine
Club staff, all of them were so friendly and courteous. And you can’t miss
them coz they all wore the nice iYellow tee along with cool iYellow shades (no
brainer on the choice of colour). We were each given a nice iYellow bag with goodies
inside that include a bottle of water, red apple, bag of chips, cookies and brochure.
That was very thoughtful.
The tour bus left the pickup location at
10:00 am sharp and off we went on the DVP highway and it took about
approximately 1 hour to our first winery stop, which was the Flat Rock
Vineyard. The weather was beautiful with a high of 12C, sunny blue sky, perfect
day to relax, chill and walk around outside. On our way there, one of the
iYellow Wine Club staff, Tran, made us some delicious snack such as Pinot Noir
meatballs and Pinot Noir marshmallow with toblerone chocolate. They were
delicious! Thanks Tran!


Below is our iYellow Wine Club Wine Tour
First Stop: Flat Rock Cellars
Flat Rock Cellars
2727 Seventh Avenue
Jordan, ON L0R 1S0
T: 905.562.8994Check out the photos of Flat Rock Cellars here.
581 Niagara Stone Road, RR4
Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario
L0S 1J0 Canada
T: 905.641.2548
Lunch Time: South Brook Vineyards

Check out the photos of our lunch at South Brooks Vineyard here.
Third Stop (Unexpected Surprise Stop):
Oast House Brewery
2017 Niagara Stone Road
Ontario, Canada
L0S 1J0
T: 289.868.9627Check out the photos of the Oast House Brewery here.

Final Stop: Stratus Vineyards
2059 Niagara Stone Road
Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario
Canada L0S 1J0
T: 905.468.1806

Check out the photos of the Stratus Vineyards here.
Overall, I was impressed with how
organized iYellow Wine Club in the planning of this all-day wine tour. They were knowledgeable,
friendly and easy going. I like the comfortable vibe. They were hilarious and
fun to hang out with. The entire day was filled with laughter, good people,
good vibe, good food and most importantly, good wine and beer!
Every winery that we visited, each of them
had a staff that greeted us and show us around. They were all very knowledgeable
with their vineyards as well as their products. What impressed me was many of
these vineyard managers were extremely young in their early and mid 20s, but
you will be surprised how much they know about their vineyards and wine making
skills. One trait that I could see from everyone of them was their love of what
they do. They were very passionate about their jobs, they love wine, they love
nature and they love their environment very much.
Before this wine tour, I just know how to
drink wine. I do know what’s a good wine from a bad wine but I don’t really
know much from the wine production side of things. During this tour, I was impressed how
much thoughts were put into the design structure of the buildings, the vineyards and other aspects in reducing pollution. These wineries use methods that will reduce its
damage and impact to the nature and to become more environmental friendly. The
zero use of pesticide was impressive and the use of other methods to produce high quality vineyards
really opened up my eyes that these companies are giving back to the nature,
continue to find ways to not disrupt our environment, so that we can prolong
the health of the nature for our future generations. This tour tied in
perfectly on the meaning of Earth Day. To the wineries, everyday is Earth Day
as they continue to protect the environment, meanwhile producing high quality
wine for us to consume. I respect that and glad I came on this iYellow Wine
I would like to use this opportunity to
thank the wonderful people at iYellow Wine Club for inviting me and my guest and
if you ask me if I would like to do this again? Hell yes! I will definitely
take this tour again and check out other wineries in the Niagara region. Since this tour that I took was the beginning of the vineyard season, I would love to take this tour again at the end of the season so that I could see the harvest and see what the vineyard looks like when the grapes are ripped. I have never seen that and would love to!
And by the way, I bought at least one item
from every stop that we visited because after being able to taste so many good
wine, it’s a great opportunity for me to buy these wine back home and share
with my loved ones. It is especially precious when some of these wines aren’t available
at the LCBO so it makes sense to get some. However, I have to emphazie that
there is no obligation to purchase anything from these wineries. You don’t even
have to buy anything. It’s really up to you. That’s the best part about iYellow Wine Club and the wineries, they don’t hardsell or harass you which is awesome and appreciated. But to be honest, after sipping so
many good wine, it’s hard to go home empty handed because the wines are just so
I highly recommended my peeps to sign up
to become an iYellow Wine Club member (sign up here) because not only you have access to these
all-day wine tour, you can also sign up iYellow wine and cheese events, classes
or tutorials, etc. Just check out its website to find out more.


As my peeps know, I am ALWAYS on the MOVE,
so walking outside, lying on the grass, sipping various wines and wineries
hopping are such a relaxing and chilling bonus day for me! C’est la vie! Cheers!











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