Stop Booing Raptors Andrea Bargnani!!!


Stop Booing Andrea Bargnnai!
Attention to the idiotic Raptor fans, Bargnani does not deserve the treatment he’s been getting by our so called fans. People thinks he doesn’t give a damn or he looks half awake, but that’s how he is. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t care or he doesn’t have emotion. He’s just a passive person and anyone who has met him can attest to this.

You can’t expect him to roar like an ostrich every time he makes a big play, shave a Raptors logo on the back of head, or make YouTube videos because that’s not how he rolls.

People are saying we should have traded him before the trade deadline, are you kidding me? If there was a valuable asset on the market, Colangelo would have taken it. There was no viable trade options, so it didn’t happen. That doesn’t mean we can’t move him in the offseason and I’m pretty confident we can make the playoffs without trading him. The fact that Colangelo didn’t force a trade for Bargnani also signifies he’s sticking around, if it wasn’t obvious from acquiring Gay’s contract already.

Last point. Ironically booing Bargnani is only going to affect his performance and subsequently his trade value. If you really want him gone, you need to support him. You need to support him so he has confidence so he can play better and increase his value for us. Booing him is doing the opposite, idiots.


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