Suntory 碧 Ao World Whisky – A Blend of Five Major Whiskies


Suntory 碧 Ao World Whisky

I luv Whiskies.

When I first saw on a social media advertisement that Suntory Whisky has launched this new bottle called “Suntory 碧 Ao World Whisky” and it’s available at LCBO, I have to get my hands on one, especially I want to kick-start the Year of the Rabbit with a new bottle as a way to kickoff the New Year!

This Suntory 碧 Ao World Whisky combines a blend of 5 major whiskies from major countries (Ireland, Scotland, America, Canada and Japan), which to me is quite an interesting concepts since I usually drink whiskies from one country.

This is what the back of the package says, “Irish, Scotch, American, Canadian and Japanese whiskies are the world’s five major whiskies. Suntory’s blenders carefully select malt and grain whiskies produced at Beam Suntory-owned distilleries in these five countries and meticulously blend them to craft SUNTORY WORLD WHISKY Ao. 碧 Ao is named after the deep blue of the majestic oceans that connect our world. It is a blended whisky with a sweet and vibrant nose, smooth on the palate, but with a multi-layered flavor that leads to a pleasingly smoky finish, revealing its many expressions. Please savor the complex and rich flavors resulting from the evolving interplay of distinctive whiskies from around the world.

Here is a short video of the Suntory 碧 Ao bottle.

As I look at the packaging, it’s very elegant with a nice royal blue mixed with gold and white lettering. There is a word in Japanese which means “碧 Ao”.

MoVernie FUN FACT: 碧 Ao is named after the deep blue of the majestic oceans that connect our world.

Bottle Specs:

Available at LCBO: $104.95 CDN (including tax)
700 ml
alc. 43%
Made in Japan

Tasting Notes:

Colour: amber
Nose: profound, vanilla and pineapple-like fruitiness on top, a creamy sweetness and depth with a lingering woody aroma
Palate: smooth and sweet mouthfeel, gradually followed with smokiness and cinnamon-like spiciness
Finish: multi-layered complexity, sweet and smoky, spicy and woody

Can’t wait to open and share this bottle with my family. Will let you know what we think once we try it.

Best wishes in 2023! Cheers! Kampai!

Interesting Bottle Shape:

So….as I opened the package and took out the Suntory 碧 Ao bottle, I found the shape to be quite unique. There are 2 surfaces in the front and 3 surfaces at the back. I wonder if this 5 surfaces bottle design signifies the 5 blended whiskies together? It could be. But I like this special bottle shape.



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