Sylvester Stallone at Paramount+ Tulsa King Canadian Premiere VIP Event – Scotiabank Theatre, Ontario, Canada


On the MOVE at Paramount+ Tulsa King VIP Premiere Event.

Tulsa King, starring Sylvester Stallone made a special Canadian appearance in Toronto to promote his new show. I am used to seeing Stallone starring in a movie so it’s very refreshing to watch him in an online TV series that will be shown on Paramount+.

It was so nice to come to this event with other Pink Dreams Inc. team members as well as friends and families.

The entire Scotiabank Theatre were blocked off for Tulsa King. You could see the show graphic being featured all over the entire theatre.

We were offered with soft drinks, water, popcorn, candies, chocolates, all the typical movie snacks.

Want to watch Tulsa King? It will be premiered on the platform on Monday, November 13, 2022.

Special thanks to @paramountplusca and for the special invite.


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