#TakeOutDay: Hong Shing Toronto Chinese Restaurant – Amazing Take Out Experience


To be honest, prior to this COVID-19 crisis, I don’t order much take out nor do I request food delivery to my home. That’s coz I am ALWAYS on the MOVE that I eat out often, travel lots and attend many VIP events that I don’t cook or eat much at home. I just don’t have the patience to place an order, wait and eat at home.

However, things have changed dramatically during this COVID-19 crisis. To do my part, I stay home as much as I can. I work, eat and stay at home. I only go out once a week to buy groceries and beer. But sometimes I just wanted a break from cooking at home and I crave for some good food that I haven’t eaten for quite sometime.

So…..yesterday, I was craving for Chinese food and decided to order take out from 1 of my favourite Chinese restaurants in Toronto. The restaurant is called “Hong Shing Toronto”. It’s a family-run business that has set foot in Toronto since 1997. It’s located at 195 Dundas St W (Dundas & University intersection). This resto is well-known by the locals and from tourists who travels to Toronto from other countries. It’s also very popular spot for celebrities, musicians and NBA players. So, you know this resto is amazing.

So….Hong Shing has its own online ordering system. It’s very robust, easy to use and very efficient. Although Hong Shing also uses food delivering app services but I like the fact that they have their own system coz I know full well that these food delivering apps have a high charging fee that cuts deep into the restaurant profit margin. For mama-papa restos such as Hong Shing, every penny can impact the survival of their businesses during COVID-19. So, I rather order via Hong Shing ordering system so they can pocket as much as they can to help keep their businesses afloat.

Here are some of the highlights when ordering food and drinks from Hong Shing:

1- 20% off all food items: During this COVID-19 crisis, all food items on the Hong Shing menu is 20% off and this is very attractive!

2- FREE delivery: But you should tip the driver. I realized there is a difference between food delivery fee and driver’s tip. Restaurants normally charge a delivery fee but the drivers need tips for their services as well. In Hong Shing ordering system, it has a tip section, you can pay 0%, 12%, 15%, 18% or 20%. During this crisis, it’s understandable everyone’s wallet is tight but I encourage you to tip whatever you can within your ability as the drivers are risking their lives driving around to deliver the food to your home without your need to go outside and risk your lives.

I personally tip the driver 20% for this delivery run as my way of saying THANK YOU. The ordering system says that the tip goes 100% to the drivers. I like that. It’s nice that owners such as Hong Shing recognize the hardwork by its staff.

3- Contactless Payment: This is where I appreciate the most. At the check out on its ordering system, I provided my credit card number and place an order. I received an email indicating that Hong Shing has received my order and is beginning to process my order.

Basically, I no longer have to see the delivery staff in person, no longer need to use its mobile terminal and no need to swipe my credit card with the mobile machine. I just typed in my request during my ordering to instruct the driver to come up to my condo unit, drop off the food right in front of my condo door and leave the premise. I didn’t even have to go downstairs to the main lobby to meet the delivery staff. I didn’t have to touch my elevator, open any doors, food simply appeared at my door step. I just need to wipe the package and disinfect any bags just to play safe and that’s it.

4- Expansion of Delivery Zones + Pop Up Locations: During this COVID-19 crisis, Hong Shing is expanding its delivering zones. This means that they will continue to deliver in the downtown areas as the restaurant is located in downtown. However, they also have Pop-Up locations that are located out of the GTA.

For example, each day, they will post on its Instagram the pop up locations they are going to deliver that particular day. One day, they are taking orders to deliver to Mississauga, Brampton, Etobicoke. Another day, they may deliver in Scarborough, Markham, Richmond Hill. And another day, they may differ in North York, Yorkdale and Eglinton areas. Each day is different, so I would recommend you to check out Hong Shing’s Instagram often or even go to Hong Shing’s website as they will provide you with the update on the last call on when you can place an order at these pop up locations. Just think about it? They sometimes deliver up to Richmond Hill with free delivery, you just need to tip the driver. Not many restaurants provide such unique service.

Of course, it may take longer time to deliver the food to you if you live in Brampton vs food being delivered in the downtown core. So, let’s use some common sense, be patience as the drivers are working hard to deliver the food to you ASAP.

5- Daily Food Specials: On the Hong Shing website, they have daily food specials. Be sure to check it out. I like those Tim’s BBQ specials, sometimes it’s BBQ pork or BBQ duck, etc.

6- Liquor Delivery: If you are thirsty and want to order beer, wine and other liquor, you can also order them on the Hong Shing website. During this COVID-19 crisis, the government has granted restaurants permission to sell and deliver liquor.

I highly recommend you to order take out and utilize its free delivery service during this COVID-19 crisis. It’s convenient, efficient and you are enjoying great Chinese food at the comfort of your home while you are doing your part to flatten the curve.

This is also a time we should do our part to shop local, eat local & support local. Restaurants and bars are impacted greatly during this COVID-19 crisis and they need our support to order food & drinks so they can survive and weather this out to survive and still be open when this virus disappears and we can go outside & socialize and move on with our lives once again.

I recommend peeps to order take out at least once a week (within their financial abilities). It can be any day of the week, whenever you crave or want take out. I would definitely order Hong Shing in the near future.

And just an FYI, I paid for my food. I enjoyed my take out experience with Hong Shing and that’s why I wanted to share my experience with you.

Hong Shing Toronto Chinese Restaurant
Website: www.HongShing.com
Address: 195 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M5G 1C7
Phone: (416) 977-3338



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