The Florida Keys & Key West #SimplyTheKeys Event – Toronto Beach Centre



Last night, I had attended the Florida Keys & Key West #SimplyTheKeys Event. It was held at an unique venue up at the north york location for a reason. As we all know, this sun shine state has hot climate, along with beautiful ocean water and beaches. So the organizer scouted for a place that will create a beach scene and a hot summer atmosphere (which is needed especially we are experiencing cold winter in Toronto).

#SimplyTheKeysSo…the venue was at The National Beach Centre, located in North York. The moment I arrived, the staff were wearing Florida Keys white tees. Bartender serving awesome cocktails. Hors d’oeuvre were served. Tropical music were played.

Florida Keys Fun Fact: Did you know that Florida is the destination where the traditional conch shell blowing competition happens? To blow the conch, simply purse your lips and blow. For a detailed demonstration, check out this video of Keys resident Clinton Curry, who gave the crowd a live presentation at the event last night.

I wore summer shoes, no socks, short pants, fedora and with shades, dipped my feet into the sand and watched the peeps play some entertaining beach volleyball.

#SimplyTheKeysIt was a fun night! Thank you to The Florida Keys and Key West Tourism Board for having me and it’s great that you flew from Florida to meet us all! And thanks for the lovely swag bag!

The Florida Keys & Key West – come as you are
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