The Intimate Parts of Sexapalooza – Part 2



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So, we talk about kinks today. You know it. Bondage, Discipline, BDSM or S&M.

There is one particular section of Sexapalooza where cameras are strictly off limits!

The Dungeon

A special section sealed off from the general view of the audience.

Can you guess what went on in there?

Hold up



On a scale of 1-10 I don’t know how descriptive I should make this.

Maybe I should make a poll and let you the audience decide, and then write about it later?

Or maybe I should just keep going and see how it comes out.

First thing you see when you enter is a table with all sorts of objects resting on it. Some look medieval, some look homemade. There were paddles (Leather and Wooden), Canes, Floggers, Whips, Handcuffs.

All of them designed for pain and pleasure, and also discipline.

But the main attraction of the Dungeon is seeing volunteers get tied and bound in creative ways. And yes, most of these volunteers are members of the audience.

I wish I could show you the pictures inside the Dungeon but you know how it is…cameras strictly prohibited.

There’s a beautiful girl bound for the first time and partially suspended above ground. From what I hear she’s experiencing pressure but not too much pain.

Did you know despite enjoying being tied up, many people report the process of being untied more pleasurable? And it’s not just letting the knots loose and letting go. It’s the slow process of undoing the knots. Phase by phase.

The enjoyment also comes from the dialogue between you and your partner.

Actually you know what?!

I do have a picture…

But it’s in an area where pictures are allowed.

We are inside a conference room listening to Pastor David discuss relationships (and it was a good discussion) when I hear the cracking of a whip outside his doors.

Then the whip cracks again.

And again..

And eventually the sound of the whip draws me away from the discussion and I walk out to find Cylr the rope artist wielding his whip – teaching anyone curious to learn how to use it.



This is a whip that you use on someone.

No really, that’s what it’s used for.

While observing the demonstrations one of the girls doing the roping walked up with metallic claws on her fingers and asked if she can use it on me.

Of course I said what anyone would’ve said.


And she lightly grazed the claws on the back of my neck all the way up the scalp and back down.


It felt amazing.

Not what I expected at all. She proceeded to tell us she would sit with her partner watching TV and just use it on him. After 30minutes he’s a puddle of ecstasy.

Among other things the claws can used to massage someone.

Our last trip around the exhibition was the Dungeon and it was by far the most interactive, hands-on part of Sexapalooza that we encountered. Even if you’re not curious about it I’d recommend checking it out.


This is Movernie Media correspondent Shaf



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